Remote Vs Integral Commercial Refrigeration
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Looking for Remote Refrigeration?

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The differences between remote and integral refrigeration

There are a vast number of refrigeration types available these days with varying sizes, power types, cooling systems and styles. It is important to realise what you need in order for mistakes to be avoided. Although merchants will always be able to advise it is good for you as the customer to know the differences as well.

Integral refrigeration

By far the most common form of refrigeration is the integral or self contained unit. These are effectively "plug and play" machines which have all the machinery and systems required to cool within the cabinet shell. Once connected to a power supply and run, the job is effectively done and produce can be kept refrigerated.


  • No costly installation
  • Quicker delivery-to-running time
  • In the case of multiple units; if one breaks down the rest should not be affected


  • Higher long term running costs


You can find a wide range of Integral Multidecks here.

Alternatively, take a look at Integral Cold Rooms.

Remote refrigeration

Also available are the remote cabinets commonly sought by larger establishments or those wishing to save in the long term but with a higher initial outlay. These units are made of two parts; the cabinet or shell in which products are placed and the refrigeration system which is placed remotely (as the name suggests) and piped to the cabinet. Often the exterior compressor will be housed on an external wall with pipes running to the inside of the premises.


  • lower long term running costs


  • Higher initial cost
  • Installation required by a qualified refrigeration engineer
  • If more than one unit is running off the same compressor and it breaks down, all units will be affected
  • longer delivery-to-running time

Making the choice

It is important to weigh up options before purchasing. Factoring in all advantages and disadvantages of the units chosen. If in doubt, FFD's knowledgeable staff will be able to help.

2 thoughts on “Remote Vs Integral Commercial Refrigeration”

  • Jane Geaves

    I would to buy a multideck remote chiller and wonder if this is practical and cost effective. I have a multideck chiller with condenser within it but it is not chilling enough and heating up my shop and loosing me sales. I also need this taken away if I buy one from you. Can you provide this service?

  • Julian Saxty

    Can you tell me what services are required for a walkin freezer room. I am particularly interested in the drainage. For example, would I need to have or provide access to main drainage, as I would imagine there would be a need to evacuate humidity, de frosting, and other slurry that might accumulate and require evacuation into a drain.

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