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  1. The Ultimate Slush Machine Buying Guide

    The Ultimate Slush Machine Buying Guide

    Over the years the slush market has grown in popularity becoming a cold treat enjoyed by any generation, all year round. Continuing to go from strength to strength, the commercial slush machine is now a solid feature for many shops, supermarkets, cafes, concession stands, kiosks and snack bars.

    In order to realise how your business could harness the full potential of a slushie maker it’s vital to understand how a slush or granita machine works and what you should be looking for when it comes to choosing the right one for your establishment.

    This buying guide aims to explain all things slush from what it actually is and how equipment works, to the components of the machine and different features plus a few top tips and handy hints along the way.

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  2. The In-Depth Chilled Drinks Dispensers Buying Guide

    The In-Depth Chilled Drinks Dispensers Buying Guide

    The simple drinks dispenser is often overlooked yet remains critical to cold beverage service. A common addition to many foodservice businesses, it sits unnoticed and unappreciated, quietly displaying drinks at optimal temperatures and ready to serve.

    Chilled drinks machines offer a compact countertop solution to guarantee that thirst quenching beverages are always available. Making the right choice for your business will depend on a number of factors. With this buying guide for chilled drinks dispensers we run you through the basics and help you to make sure your cold drinks service goes without a hitch.

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  3. The Complete Cellar Cooling Buying Guide Inc. Keg Coolers

    The Complete Cellar Cooling Buying Guide Inc. Keg Coolers

    Cellar cooling is most commonly associated and often seen in pub and bar cellar areas however can also be utilised in a number of other settings. With the installation of an outdoor and indoor unit, you can transform any standard room into a chilled storage space.

    For businesses with limited space, keg coolers can be a great bar refrigeration alternative.

    While the concept seems simple, there are many factors that must be considered when purchasing your climate refrigeration system. Here we aim to clarify important aspects and information, with a few top tips thrown in along the way to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge that you need to make the right choice when buying cellar refrigeration or looking to buy commercial keg coolers.

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  4. The In-Depth Blast Chiller and Freezer Buying Guide

    The In-Depth Blast Chiller and Freezer Buying Guide

    Representing the pinnacle of food safety, blast chillers and freezers pull core food temperatures down quickly through the food danger zone between 8°C and 68°C in line with and compliant with FSA guidelines and HACCP legislation. Not only limiting bacterial growth but also allowing safe extended storage to reduce food waste and permit advance preparation prior to busy services, blast chillers and blast freezers are a fundamental part of any commercial catering and foodservice operation.

    Find out everything you need to know about buying blast chillers and freezers and guarantee that you make the right decision for your business and your customers.

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Latest News - FFD Commercial Refrigeration

  1. What Commercial Refrigeration Changes Can We Expect Post Brexit?

    What Commercial Refrigeration Changes Can We Expect Post Brexit?

    The coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves through Britain's economy - with hundreds of thousands of businesses brought to the brink of closure as a result of the uncertainty of the last six months.

    But those shockwaves could pale in comparison to the impact of Brexit, the UK's upcoming exit from the European Union.

    What this might mean for the refrigeration industry is still hard to say although we do know that there will be a few changes to contend with. Rest assured though, the industry has been busy preparing and putting measures in place to ensure that customers will feel minimum impact.

    Let's take a look, beginning with European regulations of equipment.

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  2. Commercial Refrigeration: Why Buy British?

    Commercial Refrigeration: Why Buy British?

    The UK has been through a lot in the last few years.

    These are certainly difficult times - and, with the climate still in a state of emergency, these difficult times seem set to last for a while yet.

    Unless, that is, we do something about it. While the figures may make the future look bleak, they do point to something we can all do to help. There has never been a better time to support British brands.

    What's more: When it comes to refrigeration, buying British couldn't be easier - we have some of the best manufacturers in the world right here, on our doorstep.

    Let's take a closer look at them, and what they have to offer.

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  3. How Commercial Refrigeration Is Helping to Create a Healthier Planet

    How Commercial Refrigeration Is Helping to Create a Healthier Planet

    COVID-19 has been taking up the top-spot in most newspapers for months now. In fact, the pandemic has been playing on our minds so much that the catastrophic Australian bushfires which kicked the year off, killing over a billion animals and nearly 500 people, seem a distant memory.

    But the ever-present threat of the climate emergency has not gone away. The recent waves of protests in the UK and the massive forest fires now burning through chunks of the US' west coast have reignited the environmental discussion - leading us to wonder: What can commercial refrigeration do better? How can commercial fridges and freezers adapt to help to cool down a warming planet?

    Let's take a closer look.

    What's the potential problem with refrigeration?

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  4. Why Listening to your Staff Could Be Good for Business

    Why Listening to your Staff Could Be Good for Business

    August is over and with it, the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

    Eat Out to Help Out, which, throughout August, allowed customers to access discounts of up to £10 off their bill for a sit-down meal in a restaurant, Monday to Wednesday, has helped many restaurants get back on their feet after a truly difficult Spring.

    Now, with Winter looming which is likely to be even more difficult, many food businesses are struggling to find a way to stay upright.

    It will be tough. To survive, businesses will have to find a way to adapt to an extremely volatile marketplace. Which means that it is more important than ever for food business owners to know their customers.

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Case Studies of Commercial Refrigeration

  1. Boneyard, Leicester - A New Enterprise

    Boneyard, Leicester - A New Enterprise

    It’s always exciting when a new restaurant opens – the innovation of coming up with a theme and branding, thinking up the perfect name and creating a menu that reflects the style of the business, all the way down to locating the right premises and choosing the perfect equipment. This was the exact position that co-owners Himal Patel and David Martin experienced when embarking on their new venture in 2016.

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  2. Barnacles Restaurant & Bar Bistro - Continuing Success

    Barnacles Restaurant & Bar Bistro - Continuing Success

    Specialising in good food, a fine selection of wines and a warm, friendly welcome, Barnacles Restaurant & Bar Bistro is renowned for its fresh seafood dishes, offered up in a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere. Looking to update equipment in both the bar and kitchen areas, they came to Fridge Freezer Direct to source commercial refrigeration equipment from leading brands. With over 20+ years of experience our personnel were able to identify the perfect units to fulfil the restaurants requirements and expectations.

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  3. Riverside Cantonese, Cardiff Plans Refurbishment

    Riverside Cantonese, Cardiff Plans Refurbishment

    The Riverside Cantonese restaurant is a central figure in the Cardiff dining scene, specialising in authentic foods created by specially trained chefs. Planning a massive refurbishment which covered updating the interior space and kitting out the kitchen with the highest quality equipment, the owner Nicholas Chan wanted to develop a space that truly reflected the high standards that could be expected from the culinary aspect.

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  4. Brick & Liquor Expands to Clapham, South London

    Brick & Liquor Expands to Clapham, South London

    Following the success of Brick & liquor's first site, David Layton didn't need to think twice when it came to expanding and growing the burgeoning business. The trademark exposed brickwork and stripped back design was again, to become a prominent feature in the new premises. In addition to the inspired cocktail menu that proved so popular in the primary bar, the new venue offered a little more area to work with allowing a selection of draught beers and bottles to be added to the menu, as well as a selection of light bites. Choosing the right kitchen and bar equipment was vital to help the new venture go smoothly.

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The Truth About Commercial Refrigeration

  1. Stainless steel gastronorm pans with lid in different sizes

    Understanding Gastronorm Pans

    Gastronorm pans and trays are a common feature of any professional catering and food service operation. Here we answer some simple regularly asked questions and simplify the seemingly endless configurations to help businesses to ascertain how these simple pieces of equipment can be tailored to their individual needs.

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  2. Commercial Refrigeration 101: How Does the Refrigeration Cycle Work?

    Commercial Refrigeration 101: How Does the Refrigeration Cycle Work?

    The one main reasons why refrigerators are used in businesses and at home is to keep food cold. Fridges are important because food stays fresh for longer, thus helping cut down wastage in both homes and businesses. They also help increase profits in businesses by maintaining the quality of food for a longer time and allowing chefs the time and opportunity to create their best foods.

    More production of food which is, in normal circumstances, highly perishable has increased the need to have storage mechanisms that prevent wastage and unwanted loss. However, as much as refrigeration is an important part of our lives, one question remains, how does a refrigerator work and how does it maintain such cold temperatures for a long time?

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