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The Truth About Commercial Refrigeration

  1. Understanding Gastronorm Pans

    Stainless steel gastronorm pans with lid in different sizes

    Gastronorm pans and trays are a common feature of any professional catering and food service operation. Here we answer some simple regularly asked questions and simplify the seemingly endless configurations to help businesses to ascertain how these simple pieces of equipment can be tailored to their individual needs.

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  2. Commercial Refrigeration 101: How Does the Refrigeration Cycle Work?

    Commercial Refrigeration 101: How Does the Refrigeration Cycle Work?

    The one main reasons why refrigerators are used in businesses and at home is to keep food cold. Fridges are important because food stays fresh for longer, thus helping cut down wastage in both homes and businesses. They also help increase profits in businesses by maintaining the quality of food for a longer time and allowing chefs the time and opportunity to create their best foods.

    More production of food which is, in normal circumstances, highly perishable has increased the need to have storage mechanisms that prevent wastage and unwanted loss. However, as much as refrigeration is an important part of our lives, one question remains, how does a refrigerator work and how does it maintain such cold temperatures for a long time?

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