Bespoke Cold Rooms

Engineer building a cold room

If you need large capacity refrigerated or freezer storage but struggle to find the modular cold room dimensions and layout you need, bespoke cold rooms are the answer. Offering high capacity chilled storage vital for large commercial catering and foodservice operations, bespoke rooms aren’t just your run of the mill, off the shelf options, they can be so much more.

Giving you the versatility and scope to create sizes, configurations, layouts and even shapes to suit all manner of premises, choosing a bespoke service will deliver a personalised service tailored to the individual requirements of every unique working space.

Benefits of a Bespoke Service

Most importantly – You Remain In Control

Whatever stage of the process you’re at from deciding to go ahead with the project following an initial site visit, creating a unique design tailored to your business, signing off on drawings and designs or arranging installation, a bespoke service puts you in the driving seat.

The Process of Going Bespoke with your Cold Room

Benefitting from the perfect walk in chiller room, one tailored exactly to your needs, can be achieved in a few simple steps. If you decide to proceed after taking advantage of the free site survey, all subsequent services are included within your quote ensuring you know exactly where you stand before the project has even begun.

A bespoke service includes:

Pencil drawings and plans

A free site survey with no obligation to buy.

If your required dimensions and overall wish list for your personally designed low temp chiller room or freezer room are quite straight forward, you may not need a site survey. Simply fill out our Cold Room Quote Form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your quote. Alternatively contact us directly to discuss your project.

For more detailed requests including unique configurations and layouts, a site survey is advised. An expert engineer will be dispatched to site by the manufacturer at a time that suits you to discuss what you envision and advise of options.

Watch your design come to life

Manufacturers can put together drawings (always recommended for different shape rooms or unique requests) to show the end result you can expect. If it doesn’t suit your requirements, they will literally go back to the drawing board and make adjustments until you are 100% happy with the projected design.

Once designs are signed off, production can begin.

Manufacture, build and installation

The manufacturer gets straight to work fabricating panels that will be the building blocks of your refrigerated room. Once all elements are ready engineers attend site to carry out and complete installation.

Once this step is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy your exclusive cold store and put it to good use.

Does my Cold Room Come With a Warranty?

When a walk in cold room or walk in freezer is supplied and installed by the manufacturer, the structure will typically include a full parts and labour warranty. The length of cover will be dependent on the brand you are working with. If choosing a supply service only and employing your own registered installation team and engineers, warranty will typically be on a parts only basis.

Areas to Consider When Planning a Bespoke Cold Room

Creating a unique walk in cold store couldn’t be more simple. There are a number of areas to consider and simple decisions that need to be made in order to develop a structure that will work for your business but don’t worry, you won’t have to go it alone. The manufacturer and our team of experts at FFD are on hand to assist and offer advice throughout the whole process.

Use these quick questions to ascertain the basics for your commercial cold room or freezer room.

  1. Fridge, freezer or both?

If you need a dual function structure, your layout options will depend on the space you have available. Premises with large areas to play with could use separate structures (image 1) or alternatively, one large room with a partition wall and two access doors (image 2). Smaller spaces could use a single door leading into the fridge area with a partition wall in the middle and another door leading through to a freezer section (image 3).


Two separate rooms
Image 1: side view

Single room with two access points
Image 2: side view

Single room with one access point
Image 3: top view

  1. Inside or outside?

Where will the room be positioned? Internal and external structures will vary. This information is vital as not all refrigeration systems are suitable for outside use. Also, external rooms will require weather proofing.

  1. Remote or integral?

This relates to the position of the refrigeration motor unit, whether it’s actually built in to the room or fitted away from the structure typically on an exterior wall. Read more about remote and integral options here

  1. Dimensions?

The beauty of a bespoke build is that it is tailored to your specific requests, so whatever you desire it can be achieved. Make sure that measurements are accurate and checked on any drawings and plans before signing off the project.

  1. If building a chiller, do you need with or without floor?

This decision will depend on the condition of the existing floor surface in the intended location. All freezer rooms have to have flooring as standard for insulation purposes.

  1. Door position?

You get to decide where the best access point will be. This will usually be dictated by the layout and configuration of the room and the floorplan of the intended site.

  1. Shelving, door curtains, lighting...?

If you want any special features to complete the build and to make sure the room fulfills all of your requirements, now is the time to specify them.

  1. Unique elements or different shapes?

Your walk-in chiller doesn’t need to be conventional or follow the norm of a standard box. Now is your chance to be imaginative and design something distinctive. Whether you envision an ‘L’ shape, ‘U’ shape or even a curved or rounded structure, this can all be accommodated and built into your final quote price.

Cold Room Manufacturers You Can Trust

We work with a number of bespoke cold room suppliers that have successfully completed projects around the country.

Market leading Foster Coldstores offer a comprehensive service where everything is included in your final quote. Their service offers full project management including the drawings at the design stage, manufacture of the panels, all accessories including shelving and lighting etc., installation and a full warranty cover. With a proven track record of delivering a comprehensive service and total satisfaction, you’re in safe hands.


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Our mission at the FFD Group is to deliver dedicated service and support to each and every individual customer and all at competitive prices.


Help, advice, news and support.



Our mission at the FFD Group is to deliver dedicated service and support to each and every individual customer and all at competitive prices.