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  1. What Commercial Refrigeration Changes Can We Expect Post Brexit?

    What Commercial Refrigeration Changes Can We Expect Post Brexit?

    The coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves through Britain's economy - with hundreds of thousands of businesses brought to the brink of closure as a result of the uncertainty of the last six months.

    But those shockwaves could pale in comparison to the impact of Brexit, the UK's upcoming exit from the European Union.

    What this might mean for the refrigeration industry is still hard to say although we do know that there will be a few changes to contend with. Rest assured though, the industry has been busy preparing and putting measures in place to ensure that customers will feel minimum impact.

    Let's take a look, beginning with European regulations of equipment.

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  2. Commercial Refrigeration: Why Buy British?

    Commercial Refrigeration: Why Buy British?

    The UK has been through a lot in the last few years.

    These are certainly difficult times - and, with the climate still in a state of emergency, these difficult times seem set to last for a while yet.

    Unless, that is, we do something about it. While the figures may make the future look bleak, they do point to something we can all do to help. There has never been a better time to support British brands.

    What's more: When it comes to refrigeration, buying British couldn't be easier - we have some of the best manufacturers in the world right here, on our doorstep.

    Let's take a closer look at them, and what they have to offer.

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  3. How Commercial Refrigeration Is Helping to Create a Healthier Planet

    How Commercial Refrigeration Is Helping to Create a Healthier Planet

    COVID-19 has been taking up the top-spot in most newspapers for months now. In fact, the pandemic has been playing on our minds so much that the catastrophic Australian bushfires which kicked the year off, killing over a billion animals and nearly 500 people, seem a distant memory.

    But the ever-present threat of the climate emergency has not gone away. The recent waves of protests in the UK and the massive forest fires now burning through chunks of the US' west coast have reignited the environmental discussion - leading us to wonder: What can commercial refrigeration do better? How can commercial fridges and freezers adapt to help to cool down a warming planet?

    Let's take a closer look.

    What's the potential problem with refrigeration?

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  4. Why Listening to your Staff Could Be Good for Business

    Why Listening to your Staff Could Be Good for Business

    August is over and with it, the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

    Eat Out to Help Out, which, throughout August, allowed customers to access discounts of up to £10 off their bill for a sit-down meal in a restaurant, Monday to Wednesday, has helped many restaurants get back on their feet after a truly difficult Spring.

    Now, with Winter looming which is likely to be even more difficult, many food businesses are struggling to find a way to stay upright.

    It will be tough. To survive, businesses will have to find a way to adapt to an extremely volatile marketplace. Which means that it is more important than ever for food business owners to know their customers.

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  5. Keeping Your Cool in the Heat

    Keeping Your Cool in the Heat

    Commercial refrigeration is a major part of any business that sells food or drink. No matter what time of year it is, keeping food chilled or frozen, is not only important from a health point of view, it is also governed by law. However, when the temperatures rise in the summer, the need to keep your food safe is even more vital, but this can also be the time when your refrigeration equipment can be at its most vulnerable.

    Here are some of the ways that your commercial refrigeration can let you down during the summer months, and what you can do to keep your equipment working correctly all year round.

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  6. Hospitality is Making a Comeback

    Hospitality is Making a Comeback

    For millions of people worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused issues that many have not seen in their lifetime. Not only has there been enforced periods of lockdown, but also the possibility that restrictions may be in place for many months to come. For businesses, this has meant months of closure and reliance on the government to help pay their staff through the furlough scheme.

    One industry that has seen the biggest obstacles to reopening is the hospitality sector, however, in the current climate, and with new laws and guidelines put in place by the government, pubs and restaurants have had to come up with new ways to serve their customers safely.

    Here are some of the ways businesses have had to adapt, and how problems arising from kitchen equipment can be addressed without a huge upfront cost.

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  7. How Can Foodservice Businesses Tackle Food Waste?

    How Can Foodservice Businesses Tackle Food Waste?

    Businesses in the foodservice industry have a number of challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis. One of the biggest is with regards to the food they serve and the amount that gets thrown away. Not only are customers more concerned than ever about where the food comes from, but they also want value for money. This means that businesses have to find the right suppliers, ensure the food is stored correctly, and that they offer the best value to the customer. This includes using all of the ingredients and minimising any waste.

    The issue of food waste is something that has been a major problem globally for many years and companies need to try and keep this waste to the absolute minimum. So, how can foodservice businesses tackle food waste?

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  8. Transform Catering Countertops

    Transform Catering Countertops

    Are you feeling a bit cramped? Is your kitchen overflowing with appliances? Does your shop front look confused? Or are you simply struggling to see how your food business could run that bit more smoothly?

    You may be in need of a re-vamp. Luckily, we’re here to recommend how you can make the most of your countertops. Here we highlight key pieces of equipment that can be used in a variety of businesses to tackle common issues such as space efficiency, convenience, organisation and display for a wide range of food products.

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  9. Getting to Grips with Grab-and-Go Fridges

    Getting to Grips with Grab-and-Go Fridges

    For many people, the idea of shopping for something to eat can fill them with indecision. There are now so many locations where you can get food and drinks, that the choice seems endless. With peoples lives also becoming more hectic, there is often no time to sit down and eat something, which leaves them eating at their desk, or quickly consuming it as they walk back to work.

    Here are a few ways that grab-and-go fridges can improve the service to your customer, while also making your products stand out and increase sales. We discuss what grab-and-go fridges or multidecks are, what they're used for, what options are available and how to choose the correct size.

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  10. Top 5 Tips for Businesses Dedicated to Wine Lovers

    Top 5 Tips for Businesses Dedicated to Wine Lovers

    We are fast becoming a nation of wine drinkers: while wine sales have risen by 60% in the last ten years, the UK has become the second largest importer of wines in Europe. It’s a trend which seems to be here to stay – with more and more of us opting for the grape over the grain.

    Many drinks-sellers have already sought to follow the trend, branching out into selling wines or bringing more variety to their current bottle-offerings, all in the hopes of drawing ever more punters through their doors and persuading them to swap pints for glasses of red or white.

    Here are five top tips to get you started, and get your business dedicated to the love of wine.

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