Why it Makes Sense for Every Commercial Kitchen to Go Green
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Success is one of the main motivators for running a commercial kitchen. Therefore, every action and decision you make in your business has to make sense on different levels. You are likely to see this happen when deciding on the kind of equipment and products you use in your commercial kitchen.

Like every other decision, going green needs to make sense for you as a business in order for you to consider it.

The truth is that human beings have, for decades, tried to come up with ways to preserve the environment. This is reflected in different movements and slogans such as ‘going green’, which has over the past few years motivated in the creation of systems that drive more consciousness to the preservation of the environment we live in.

With that in mind, is there any sense for every commercial kitchen to go green?

There are many benefits associated with going green in your commercial kitchen. Here is why it makes sense to go green as a business owner.

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It is good for Business

Part of running a successful business involves managing finances and ensuring that the decisions you make do not negatively affect how much money you make. Therefore, going green needs to a worthwhile decision. Fortunately, there are many benefits tied to your decision to go green that will see your business improve and even experience more success. They include:

It Boosts Energy Efficiency

Commercial kitchens are thought to consume more energy per square foot than any other commercial establishment. As such, it is important to ensure that the equipment you use helps preserve as much energy as possible. Choosing ‘green’ equipment will often result in increased efficiency of equipment which will, in turn, reduce energy usage and operation costs.

Additionally, businesses can benefit from the ECA Scheme. The Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme is an initiative by the government to motivate UK business owners to invest in high-performance, energy-efficient equipment by reducing the financial and transactional costs you are likely to experience when making a purchase.

It Helps Cut Down CostsGold piggy bank

Going green can be interpreted in a wide range of actions such as reducing the amount of packaging on a product and cutting down on costs due to the energy efficiency and increased performance of a unit.

You can also save money through recycling, effective waste management, or using biodegradable materials. Having a seasonal menu as part of going green is yet another cost-effective method of running your commercial kitchen.

Additionally, you are also more likely to get better results if you grow your own produce.

It Helps Eliminate Toxins from the Kitchen

Modern ‘green’ equipment is designed to use less toxic substances that could cause harm to both human beings and the environment.

For example, refrigeration systems use friendlier refrigerants which reduce and sometimes eliminate any health concern to the owners, operators and customers. This will even prevent eventualities such as heavy fines which authorities will impose on you for not using friendlier equipment.

They Increase Customer Loyalty

With more people appreciating the need to go green, restaurants can capitalize on this by actually going green. US research indicates that up to 70% of people visiting restaurants believe that going green will protect the environment. This is surely a reflection of the general census in the majority of countries around the world.

Running a commercial kitchen using modern and environmentally friendly appliances and taking part in the preservation of the environment through responsible business practices will, therefore, increase the loyalty you experience from your customers. Generally, if you’re looking after the environment, customers will get behind you.

You will also be in a better position to improve the service you provide to your customers, making it more worthwhile for them to visit your establishment. Additionally, you will be avoiding the negative publicity that is associated with using products and methods that harm the environment.

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It is good for the Environment

It is vital to choose the right equipment to optimise efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint from an environmental perspective. The MEPS scheme has introduced stricter testing for equipment and also gives the customer a greater insight into the efficiency of equipment than ever before to help them make ‘greener’ choices.

It Helps in the Preservation of Natural Resources

You are bound to use different natural resources in your business. For example, water is one of the most important natural resources used in a commercial kitchen. Employing water conservation measures in your commercial kitchen will help in the preservation of the environment.

You can even go a step further and make sure that harmful waste material is properly disposed of and does not end up in water bodies. This is a great way to ensure that natural resources are well preserved.

It Helps Reduce the Production of Toxins to the Environment

Running a commercial kitchen requires that you interact with other industries in the supply of different products and services. You can decide to only interact with industries who care about the environment as much as you do.Robot arm holding earth

By only working with manufacturers who produce products that are not harmful to the environment and that employ green manufacturing techniques, you inadvertently reduce the toxins released to the environment. Foster, for example, manufacture all of their equipment in their UK factory using techniques that are less damaging to the environment. They use UK sourced components to reduce the carbon footprint associated when transporting goods from another country.

You can also directly play a role in the reduction of toxic substances that end up in the environment through responsible waste management or by using biodegradable packaging material for food products.

This may directly or indirectly affect your business because by preserving the environment, you get to have healthier food supplies.


Going green is, admittedly, a big yet important decision. There are many things you need to do to ensure that your commercial kitchen plays a role in the preservation of the environment. These actions and changes do not have to take place overnight.

Start with the most basic and advance. By taking the first step towards going green, you will be a step closer to guaranteeing the success of your business and the prosperity of the environment around us.

These two aspects of going green, environmental and business, are closely intertwined. If you’re helping the environment, then there will also be benefits for your business and vice versa. No matter which aspect is the catalyst, it’s a win-win situation.

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