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Are you feeling a bit cramped? Is your kitchen overflowing with appliances? Does your shop front look confused? Or are you simply struggling to see how your food business could run that bit more smoothly?

You may be in need of a re-vamp. Luckily, we’re here to recommend how you can make the most of your countertops.

What Do You Already Have?

Do you have an unused prep counter top or just somewhere that could be better utilised to optimise available space? It could be in a corner of your kitchen which is never strayed into. It could be occupied by a rarely used appliance which you could do better without. Or it might be a shop-front counter currently stacked, perhaps, with flyers.

Whichever kind of unused countertop you’ve got – clear out what you don’t need and make your space work for your business.


We may be able to help.


If your problem is with your kitchen’s efficiency, try looking for a:

Stainless steel countertop unit with lid and gastronorm pans Interlevin VRX 330 SS Range

Topping Unit With Lids & Gastronorms

Often, issues with efficiency can be solved by getting everything in one place, ready to use.

Topping units with lids & gastronorms do just that. A good gastronorm can keep pre-prepared ingredients already chopped, diced or sliced, organised and within easy reach of your staff, in chilled gastronorms at the back of the counter - meaning no more trudging back and forth across the kitchen to prepare a single dish.

What’s more, going for a quality model with excellent refrigeration – and lids – will mean your ingredients can remain in place, ready to serve, freeing up space in your current refrigerators, and allowing you to handle greater demand with ease.

Head over to our high-standard GN topping counter selection and you’ll be sure to find the right gastronorm-compatible topping unit for you – whether you need some space to prep your salad or top your pizza.


If your issue is with your shop-front display, however, you can’t go far wrong by updating your basics:

Countertop display fridge stocked with drinks TefcoldBC85 Countertop Fridge

Countertop Display Fridges and Display Freezers

Perfect for grab and go purchases, countertop display fridges or glass door freezers can ensure that your customers opt for add-on drinks or ice-creams at the last minute as they queue up to pay.

While making your customers aware of your wares, the fridges and freezers in our range are compact and capable of housing products at the appropriate temperatures and in the best condition.

If you need them to stay in your customer’s line of sight or if you need to bulk up your kitchen’s chill-space, they are also versatile and easily moved – happy to sit on a countertop, wherever that counter-top happens to be.


But, for more dynamic display potential, you may want to look for a:

Topping unit with a Glass Guard

Countertop unit with glass guard and gastronorm pans with ingredients Interlevin VRX330 Range

Whether you’re looking to put together a good-looking deli counter or to present a delectable selection of sandwiches and pasta to your customers, going for a topping unit with glass guard is always a good idea.

The guard will keep your food safe from contamination while, with pre-chilled gastronorms holding them in place and keeping it cool at just the right temperature, your food will be sure to remain as fresh as it was when you first made it.

What’s more, these topping units will usually fit on pre-existing countertops – meaning you don’t need to change too much to fit them in. Great for putting empty space to better use, or for replacing unused countertop appliances with a little more room to display your goods.

Take a look at our range and you may just find the countertop display case you never knew you needed.


If you need something a little more specialised, have a look at our:

  • Sushi Cases

With healthy eating crazes hitting the high street, sushi is becoming ever more popular. With one of these, you’ll be able to enter the market in style with an eye-catching display. Perfect for holding and displaying prepared fish within the ideal temperature range of 0°C to 5°C, the sleek designs we offer come with static cooling systems, which retain moisture and prevent fish from drying out – preserving the burst of flavours which will keep your customers coming back.

Glass countertop cabinet with shelves of food Interlevin LCTF Countertop Display



  • Countertop Merchandisers

Ready to display a range of foods and drinks at eye-level for your customers to peruse, a good countertop merchandiser can be the key to keeping any shop, café, bistro or canteen running smoothly.

From within our range you’ll be able to choose rear or front access merchandisers – to allow staff or customers to select products with ease – as well as single or multi-level merchandisers, to suit your needs, whether you want to present a selection of dishes in gastro-norms or a mix of foods and drinks. All kept in the optimum temperature range of 0°C to 12°C.


  • Countertop Cake Displays

    Black countertop cake display with shelves of cakes Tefcold UPD60 Cake Display

If you want to ensure your customers eat your cake or take a slice of your pie, there’s nothing better than taking up some of that unused counter-top space with a countertop cake display cabinet. Putting tasty sweet treats in your customers’ gaze as they pay, for instance, is a sure way to encourage impulse buys.

Some in our selection will even offer a 360° display, with four sides which your customers can use to view your cakes as they dream of a slice. Keeping your finishing-touch desserts freshly refrigerated is a sure way to keep your customers coming back for more.

Space is all-important for a food business – but, as you stretch your capacity and broaden your offerings to include ever more tastes and dietary requirements, we know that it can be difficult to know how to make the space you do have work for you.

Which is why maximising efficiency in your kitchen is essential. Play your cards right by investing in some versatile equipment and your crowded kitchen or shop front might just be transformed into a spacious haven which can handle all kinds of cookery. Refrigerated countertop storage and display are increasingly popular and proving the way to go - keep your cool, and find yours today.

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