Last updated: 11th March 2022, 01:12pm by Gill Lester
Riverside Cantonese, Cardiff Plans Refurbishment

The Riverside Cantonese restaurant is a central figure in the Cardiff dining scene, specialising in authentic foods created by specially trained chefs. Planning a massive refurbishment which covered updating the interior space and kitting out the kitchen with the highest quality equipment, the owner Nicholas Chan wanted to develop a space that truly reflected the high standards that could be expected from the culinary aspect.

As a leading supplier of Adande refrigeration, Riverside Cantonese approached Fridge Freezer Direct to equip their kitchen with a number of refrigerated drawer systems from the superior Adande range. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial refrigeration sector, we were confident that Adande equipment could deliver everything that the business needed, not only in terms of advanced performance and efficiency but also with regards to the enhanced professionalism and appeal that the range of drawers could add to a theatre kitchen.


Adande drawers in a kitchen

The results were exactly what the team at Riverside Cantonese were hoping for. Not only was Nicholas Chan pleased with the equipment but the expert chefs who had primary contact with the units were also impressed with the results.

"All my staff are happy with the Adande drawers as they have been able to position them near cooking lines..." Chan went on to say that chefs "...have also found that access to the food is much better using drawers than traditional door cabinets."*

Download the full Adande case study on Riverside Cantonese to read more about the project.

*Source: Riverside Cantonese Case Study published by Adande.