Pique your Interest with Interest Free Credit

Setting up a catering or foodservice establishment from scratch or even replacing outdated equipment can be a massive expense for any business. Forking out large expenditures upfront just isn’t a viable option for some companies however you’ll be glad to hear there are other options available.

While many businesses will automatically investigate leasing options with third party finance companies as the first port of call this shouldn’t be the only avenue of exploration. Select manufacturers now offer interest free finance; an alternative way for businesses to invest in and benefit from the perfect piece of equipment without the large upfront cost.

*All figures and information on this page are subject to individual circumstances and relevant credit checks.

Which manufacturers offer 0% Interest Free Credit?

  • Foster – Interest Free Credit available over a 24 month period

Specialising in premium commercial refrigeration, the Foster name is synonymous with quality and reliability. Manufactured in the UK, Foster produce multiple outstanding product ranges including the EcoPro G2 and Xtra offerings. All equipment is tailored to deliver high performance, efficiency and environmental awareness, whilst being suitable for any budget. Manufacturing equipment that has proven successful in many aspects of the catering and hospitality industry, you can benefit from storage fridges and freezers, prep counters, blast chillers, ice machines and multidecks.

  • Gamko – Interest Free Credit available over a 24 month period

Gamko are market leaders in the design, manufacture and production of premium bar refrigeration. Whether looking for high quality stocked equipment such as bottle coolers, glass frosters, beer dumps and keg coolers from the Maxiglass or E3 ranges or a more bespoke service with the Flexbar option, Gamko guarantee a professional, sustainable bar layout that not only stores drinks at optimum temperature but also creates a truly eye-catching display to boost bar sales.

  • Blue Ice Machines – Interest Free Credit available over a 6 month period

Based in the UK, Blue Ice are leaders in their field for soft scoop ice cream machines and slush machines. Supplying compact counter top models or freestanding equipment, a solution for every business regardless of required output, size and budget is available. To benefit from Blue Ice’s zero % interest free finance offer, there must be a minimum order value of £1500. As it is taken over a shorter term, a 50% deposit is required with the remaining balance spread equally into 5 monthly repayments.

Comparison Table: Interest Free Credit from Foster & Gamko Vs Commercial Leasing

Interest Free Credit


Held with the manufacturer of the equipment

Held with a third party finance company – we can set you up or choose your own

Available over a 24 month period

Available over a 1 – 5 year term

No deposit required

Deposit may be required

0% interest

Will be subject to interest

Delivery and install costs can be built into credit

Delivery and install costs can be built into credit

Spread the costs into equal repayments

Spread the costs into equal repayments

100% tax deductible

100% tax deductible

No minimum purchase

Minimum order value of £1000 exc. VAT

On receipt of final payment you own the equipment

At the end of the term you have the option to purchase ownership outright


Finding Zero % Interest Free Credit Equipment

Spotting the signs for interest free credit couldn’t be easier – just look out for this icon on all applicable products.

If you would like to discuss Interest Free Credit options please contact our sales advisors for more details.