Commercial Catering Fridges & Freezers

In any catering operation, refrigeration is as vital as the ingredients themselves - making sure foodsafe temperatures are maintained for a large range of produce, whether they're fresh from suppliers or prepared in advance.

However, not all refrigeration is created equal. A fridge perfect for food storage seperate from the kitchen may not be up to the high temperatures of the cookline, a place requiring refrigeration with a Climate Class of 4 and above.

Climate Class is a score referring to the ambient temperatures & humidity levels a fridge or freezer can be placed in and still run efficiently - this is key to preventing breakdowns and/or loss of stock down the line.

Another advantage to catering fridges & freezers is compatibility with gastronorms - this is when the internal dimensions/rails inside the unit are specifically made to fit gastronorm (GN) pans, making them completely versatile in a fast paced kitchen environment.

Our Range of Catering Fridges & Freezers:

Single Door Catering Fridges

For use in max ambient operating temp of up to 30°C or 43°C. Suitable for hot kitchen environments.

Double Door Catering Fridges

Can be used in max ambient operating temps of up to 30°C or 43°C. Suitable for hot kitchens.

Single Door Catering Freezers

Can be positioned in hot kitchens, operating in maximum ambient temperatures up to 30°C or 43°C.

Double Door Catering Freezers

Suitable for use in hot kitchens with maximum ambient operating temperatures up to 30°C or 43°C.

Or perhaps you were looking for...

Single Door Storage Fridges

Defined by a max ambient operating temperature of 25°C. Unsuitable for operation in kitchens.

Single Door Storage Freezers

For use in maximum operating temperatures of 25°C. Not suitable for positioning in kitchen environments.

Cold Rooms

Large capacity rooms for refrigerating or freezing high volumes of foods. In an integral or remote format.