Catering equipment can now be found on 247 Catering Supplies, a website owned and managed by FFD Ltd. 


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If you wish to make purchases across FFD and 247 Catering Supplies, buying both commercial refrigeration and catering equipment, get in touch with our sales team and we can combine your orders into one simple transaction.


At FFD, we recognise the importance of investing in quality commercial equipment in every aspect of your business. Each piece needs to be perfectly suited to individual requirements that often vary from operation to operation. Whether looking for commercial refrigeration, catering equipment or grease management, our aim is supply exactly what you need at the right price point.

To enable us to offer a comprehensive choice of commercial cooking equipment and supplies, including fabrications and warewashing, we have moved our catering equipment section to a whole new site, 247 Catering Supplies.

Similarly, we now also offer an ever-expanding range of grease management solutions for the commercial sector at UK Grease Traps Direct. Each site beneath the wider FFD umbrella concentrates on micro-niches within the wider catering and hospitality sector and delivers a complete service to all type of operations. Whether shopping for commercial refrigeration at Fridge Freezer Direct, performance catering equipment with 247 Catering Supplies or grease management at UK Grease Traps Direct, we’ve got you covered.

Who We Are and What We Do

Continuing to operate as part of the FFD group, 247 Catering Supplies holds the same core beliefs and aims as Fridge Freezer Direct; to deliver an all-encompassing range of products from industry leading brands at competitive prices and all backed by a committed sales and service team. Solely dedicated to commercial equipment and kitchen supplies, 247 Catering Supplies can deliver everything you need for any commercial kitchen or catering operation.

As proud members of CEDA (the Catering Equipment Distributors Association) we have developed strong working links and relationships with leading high-end catering equipment manufacturers ensuring that we are in prime position to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. When coupled with our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we are well placed to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

Dedicated to Catering Equipment

Whether setting up a new venture, refurbishing an existing premise or replacing outdated equipment, we can kit out every part of a kitchen. With options to suit all budgets and scales of business, 247 Catering Supplies has got what you need whether you’re a small cafe, bar or mobile caterer to large hotel, pub, restaurant or canteen.

Our range houses large cooking appliances such as commercial ovens, fryers, ranges, grills and griddles – the work-horses of the kitchen – as well as other essentials including commercial microwaves, water boilers, toasters and heated storage. The vast choice on offer means that we are well placed to be your one stop shop for commercial catering equipment.

It’s not just ‘back of house’ equipment that we can assist with. Also supplying coffee machines, heated display cabinets and other front of house apparel, we can help to create the best experience for your guests.

Let’s not overlook the small utensils that add the finishing touches to dishes. Whether that’s producing delicate garnishes in the kitchen or the dressing of tables, at 247 Catering Supplies we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. 

Our range doesn’t stop at the catering and cooking aspect. We also offer commercial dishwashers and glasswashers complete with catering sinks and tabling options to fully equip any pot wash area. 

All equipment is available in varying sizes and capacities with a choice of power types where applicable and differing lengths of warranty. This guarantees that finding the perfect piece of kit is simple regardless of requirements and preferences.

Introducing New Catering Equipment Brands

As well as some of the well-known brands already featured on FFD including Lincat, Rational, Sharp, Synergy, Merrychef, Samsung, Parry, Blue Seal and Pitco, 247 Catering Supplies introduce a host of new brands. All specialising and excelling in the catering equipment sector, equipment from leading names such as Valentine, Vito, Bottene, EKA, Hatco, MKN, Maestrowave and Frima guarantee that quality performance and efficiency can be found in abundance.

Our Service Promise

Committed to providing a personal service, not only with the most competitive prices but also backed by exceptional customer service and after sales support, every customer is guaranteed outstanding value for money.

Just as with FFD, 247 Catering Supplies offer a leasing option when you want to make your money go further. On application, the cost of any orders over £1000 exc. VAT can be spread into manageable monthly repayments. Not only does this free up some ready cash in your business but also allows you to benefit from top of the range equipment without the upfront outlay. With many brands now working towards advanced efficiency, there are numerous pieces of equipment that will effectively pay for themselves just in energy savings alone.

Looking to give every aspect of your business an overhaul? We can help. If you’re making purchases across one, two or all three of our sites, we can roll each purchase into a single transaction. Likewise, equipment can all be added to a solitary leasing agreement with just one payment taken every month. No more dealing with multiple businesses for each aspect of your operation; just give us a call and we can sort it all out for you. Simple and stress-free shopping!

Keeping you in the Loop with The Kitchen Think

Don’t forget to check out our knowledge base area – The Kitchen Think – dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry and catering supplies and equipment market. We discuss related hot topics and uncover the truth about different aspects of ordering equipment in the commercial sector.

We also have a wealth of buying guides on hand, offering top tips and guidance to guarantee you make the right decision with regards to catering equipment for your business. If you need additional advice, our knowledgeable sales team have a wealth of experience to help you through the process.