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Interlevin TEFCOLD are a leading force in the commercial refrigeration industry offering quality products, performance and style at prices that won’t blow the budget. Supplying not only their own brands - Interlevin and Tefcold, they have also built strong relations with other manufacturers around the world to bring a greater range of choice to the UK market.

With such a far reaching range of products available, their units are a popular addition in cafes, shops, bars and restaurants ensuring that these brands have cemented themselves as the go-to mid-range brand for thousands of businesses the length and breadth of the country.

FFD are a leading distributor of Interlevin TEFCOLD refrigerated products in the UK. Our team has extensive knowledge regarding all of the commercial refrigeration available and have successfully helped tens of thousands of customers to realise their fullest potential with the help of their products.

Why Choose Interlevin TEFCOLD

Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets to look out for from Interlevin TEFCOLD

If a business needs refrigeration then Interlevin TEFCOLD can supply the perfect commercial fridge or freezer for the job. With a massive range of equipment from quality brands, every area can be kitted out and equipped to a high standard whether that’s front of house in cafes, bars, shops and supermarkets or back of house in catering kitchens, food storage areas and pubs.

All commercial refrigeration equipment is designed and manufactured to get the job done, reliably chilling or freezing foods with features and specifications to guarantee optimum performance. There are, however, a few products that definitely stand out against the rest of the market depending on what businesses are looking for, each offering specific advantages.

Best Selling Display Refrigeration from Interlevin at FFD

The Interlevin SC381B glass door fridge is a product always in high demand proving a best seller at FFD. Delivering build quality and reliability with an attractive price tag for the budget conscious, Interlevin aim to stock circa 1000 of these units at all times to guarantee they can meet the large customer appetite for this product and promise rapid delivery.

Looking for strong, reliable bar refrigeration? The Interlevin PD20S bottle cooler with double sliding doors delivers accurate cooling and dependable performance. Manufactured with German made EBM fan motors coupled with condensers designed for minimum blockage, this back bar fridge can prove a steadfast workhorse behind any busy bar.

Need large capacity?

The Interlevin LGC glass door fridge and matching LGF glass door freezer ranges deliver one of the largest capacities on the market for this type of equipment and are definitely worth investigation. These display refrigeration units are available in single, double and triple door models to cater for every sized business with 496 litres, 1108 litres and 2050 litres gross capacity respectively. Need help choosing the right glass door fridges and freezers for your business? Take a look at FFD's Complete Display Refrigeration Buying Guide.

Interlevin LGC5000 Glass Door Fridge

Create an attractive high volume chilled display with the Interlevin LGC5000 Glass Door Fridge. Generating a massive 1108 litre gross capacity...


Interlevin LGF5000 Double Door Display Freezer

The perfect choice for high capacity freezing and effective display, the Interlevin LGF5000 Glass Door Freezer is ideal for large shops and supermarkets...


Want durability, strength and reliability?

All commercial refrigeration is manufactured using high grade materials to withstand tough, heavy duty use in busy catering and service environments however Arcaboa display chest freezers deliver these key features in abundance. Including ACL, Alfa, CHV, DE and Super DE ranges, these glass lid chest freezers are strong, durable and reliable whilst guaranteeing a solid performance and precision freezing. Find out more about choosing the best chest freezer for your business in the Ultimate Buying Guide to Commercial Chest Freezers by FFD. 

Arcaboa ACL430 Sliding Glass Lid Chest Freezer

Incentivize your work ethic like never before with the Arcaboa ACL430 Sliding Glass Lid Chest Freezer...


Arcaboa ALFA1100 Chest Cooler

Introducing industry standard quality in refrigeration, courtesy of the Arcaboa ALFA 1100...


Arcaboa 750CHV Island Freezer

As a market leader, the Arcaboa 750CHV Island Freezer is a masterpiece that blends form and function...


Arcaboa SUPER DE High Vision Supermarket Island Freezer

Displaying your frozen food has never been easier than with the SUPER DE Island Freezer from Arcaboa...


Island freezers with added energy efficiency

Island freezers are often seen in large supermarkets and shops, either as a single unit or multiplexed as a run of multiple pieces of equipment. The Arcaboa Dupla island freezers not only offer the durability that Arcaboa is renowned for but also a unique design that uses less energy than standard island layouts. Read more about how you can create a frozen display paradise with island freezers.

Arcaboa DUPLA 2.2DE HC Head Case High Vision Freezer

Get the best island freezer for your commercial space from Arcaboa’s DUPLA 2.2DE HC Head Case Island Freezer...


Typically island display freezers comprise of two freezer units positioned back to back. The Dupla uses a single wall back to back layout. With only one dividing wall, capacity is increased, the overall footprint reduced and when coupled with an advanced refrigeration system, uses significantly less energy than traditional configurations.

Flexible wall site freezer layouts

Commonly seen in shops and supermarkets, wall site freezers combine a chest freezer base with overhead wall cabinets to maximise presentation and make effective use of floor space. Not the normal run of the mill cabinet refrigeration that is widely available on the market, Tefcold continue to cater for all businesses with a good choice of wall site display freezers including the Tefcold Galatea and the Arcaboa ARV ranges.

Tefcold GALATEA G187F Wall Site Freezer

Using the best equipment in your business can not only save money on operating costs but also boost custom and sales...


Arcaboa SUPER ARV215DE Panoramic Top Case Wall Site Freezer

Increase your business potential by using the SUPER ARV215DE Wall Site Freezer from Arcaboa...


All about the chocolate

Specialist chocolate can mean big business but only if it’s stored and displayed correctly. Interlevin TEFCOLD are one of the few UK manufacturers to distribute chocolate refrigerated displays. Designed specifically to preserve chocolate and maintain optimum conditions the Zurich II does more than a standard display fridge. Featuring a built in humidity control chocolate retains it’s shine and lustre with the white bloom that can compromise quality being effectively prevented.

Trimco Zurich II Black Chocolate Display Cabinet

The Trimco Zurich II Chocolate Display Cabinet is the perfect choice for chocolatiers who pride themselves on professional presentation and high quality products...


Trimco Zurich II Stainless Steel Display Cabinet

Create a tantalising display for your chocolates, cakes and desserts with the Trimco Zurich II SS Display Cabinet...


It’s not just black and white

Typically there’s not much choice when it comes to the colour available for commercial refrigeration. While the functional designs and standard specifications will offer variation, finishes often stop with black, white or stainless steel. But times are changing and the style of refrigeration and the image it projects about a business is becoming more and more important.

Interlevin TEFCOLD are one of the few manufacturers that offer luxurious anthracite finishes on a wide range of equipment. Introducing a new edge to designs with modern, sleek and stylish dark grey colours, front of house display fridges and freezers have never looked so good.

Tefcold EX125C Express C Range Multideck Display

Boost chilled sales in shops, supermarkets, delis and sandwich shops with the Tefcold EX125C Express C Range Multideck...


Tefcold CALLISTO CO Multideck Display

Create a spectacular display for your food products by using the CALLISTO CO Multideck Display from Tefcold...


Tefcold CALLISTO CH Glass Door Multideck

Get the best display and preservation features with the CALLISTO CH Glass Door Multideck from Tefcold...


Tefcold CALLISTO CM Multideck Display

Transform your business with the CALLISTO CM Mid Height Multideck Display that is designed to give you the best food display options in the market...


Tefcold CALLISTO FH Glass Door Multideck Freezer

Creating the best display with your food items will increase your business outlook and increase sales...


Tefcold ARTEMIS A PT Open Top Chiller

Get the best food display equipment with the ARTEMIS A PT Island Freezer from Tefcold...


Tefcold ELARA E C Serve Over Counter

Get yourself a serve-over-counter that is designed to give you and your customers the best experience...


Tefcold CALLISTO CW125 Wine Cooler

Create the best wine displays for your business using the CALLISTO CW125 Wine Cooler from Tefcold...


The History Behind Interlevin TEFCOLD

Interlevin Refrigeration has over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality commercial refrigeration. Formed in 1967, Interlevin have developed a catalogue of more than 850 products, each piece expertly designed to fulfill its purpose with precision and efficiency.

Having built a strong refrigeration brand in their own right, Interlevin reached out to other brands from around the world with the aim of bringing their products to the UK market. All brands distributed through Interlevin share the same common goals of quality, functionality and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Whilst Interlevin were establishing themselves in the UK, Tefcold began their journey in 1987 in Viborg, Denmark. With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality commercial refrigeration, Tefcold began to look at ways in which they could expand their supplier base and get their brand out to new markets. Highly focused on innovation and meeting industry needs before even the industry knows they need them, Tefcold’s beliefs perfectly aligned with that of Interlevin creating the strong foundation on which they could expand together.

Acquired by the Tefcold Group in 2018, Interlevin have continued to expand and grow under the guidance and direction of new management. With new equipment ranges being introduced across the full product portfolio of the Interlevin TEFCOLD brand, efficiency, performance and design remain a priority. Progressing in synergy with the changing styles and demands of the hospitality industry, the development team has proved that it has its finger firmly on the pulse of what customers are looking for.

Based in Castle Donnington near Derby, Interlevin TEFCOLD enjoy a centrally located position giving them strong access links to every area of the country for rapid and reliable deliveries.

Interlevin TEFCOLD - More than just quality commercial refrigeration

Although Interlevin TEFCOLD are renowned for their vast range of equipment, their dedication to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop there. Offering a full range of other services, they look after the customer and offer support and advice throughout the whole buying process.

Warranty Options for all Businesses

Warranty cover is a critical element of any commercial refrigeration purchase. While many manufacturers offer a standard term, Interlevin believe that every customer should have the opportunity to tailor their level of cover to meet their individual business needs. With a standard 24 months parts only warranty applicable to every product, there are also options to add 12 or 24 months of labour cover should it be required. Whether businesses need to keep costs low and so opt out of paying extra for additional labour warranty or have access to their own engineers, Interlevin fridge warranty is accessible to all budgets and to meet every level of requirement.

Dedicated Warehouses

Having a large warehouse space and showroom located centrally in the UK, Interlevin TEFCOLD hold high levels of stock so that when a customer places an order they can receive delivery in the shortest time possible, no waiting for shipments from elsewhere in the world.

Customer Collection

Sometimes time is of the essence when getting hold of equipment. Although many products across the range are available with an optional paid next day delivery, there are occasions when even this won’t suffice. Unlike many manufacturers Interlevin TEFCOLD will allow customers to collect their order after payment has been completed by prior arrangement directly from site, perfect when taking receipt of equipment is of the utmost urgency.


Interlevin and Tefcold understand that branding plays a big part in the promotion and advertisement of a business. In order to remain competitive this may extend far beyond packaging, signage or promotional literature to include commercial refrigeration branding tailored specifically to each business. Working with customers to guarantee they get exactly what they need, personalised branding is printed in house using the latest technology and then expertly applied by professionals for a truly unique edge to all equipment. Learn how your business can benefit from design and branding.

Custom Branded Tefcold SCE Canopy ice cream display

Supply of Spares and Accessories

Unlike some manufacturers, Interlevin TEFCOLD hold large stocks of spares and accessories for their full range of equipment, ready for immediate dispatch when needed. This means that in case of fault or damage, refrigeration downtime is minimised.

Next Day Delivery Options

Why wait 2-5 days for a standard delivery? Next day delivery is available on a wide range of selected products for a small extra charge.

Recycling Services

A gleaming brand new piece of refrigeration has been delivered but what happens with the old unit? Let Interlevin take care of that with an optional recycling service* available on many products. Read more about recycling services from FFD.

*Recycling services not available where a next day delivery option has been selected. All equipment to be recycled must be outside the building and ready for pick up on the day of collection. Where possible recycling services are carried out at the same time as delivery however this is not always possible and a separate date may be arranged.

Unpack and Position Services

Packaged LHF540SS chest freezer ready for shipping

All standard deliveries are made to ‘kerbside’, this is the nearest clear, flat level entry point to the building that is accessible by an 18 tonne delivery vehicle. Where customers require equipment bringing into the premises and sited in position an unpack and position service is available for an additional charge. This can only be carried out in buildings with clear access, with no obstructions and where there are no steps.

Graded Stock Available

Every piece of commercial refrigeration sold and dispatched from Interlevin TEFCOLD is brand new and unused, however not all equipment purchases go according to plan. Whether customers have ordered incorrectly or have discovered a minor scratch or dent that has occurred during transport, customers will understandably want to return their order.

When an order has been dispatched from the warehouse, delivered and then ultimately returned, this equipment cannot be resold as new, falling into a category classed as ‘graded’ stock. This offers canny customers the opportunity to grab a bargain and bag the latest models at a discounted price. Interlevin are constantly updating their list of graded stock so we always advise getting in touch to see what’s available. Find out more information on how, why and what you should consider when you buy graded commercial refrigeration with FFD.

Suited Ranges

Although all commercial fridges, freezers, counters and displays from Interlevin and Tefcold are available as single, stand alone pieces there are also options for businesses that wish to create a suite of refrigerated units. Designed to complement and create a run of matching equipment, customers can find serve overs, patisserie displays, fridges, freezers, multidecks and till counters etc. all with the same styling for continuity and flow through every aspect of a business.

Available suited refrigeration ranges include the Bellini and Callisto however future projects will include the Express range.

FFD offer site surveys for businesses looking to suite refrigeration and undertake larger projects to ensure that customers always get the level of support they deserve.

Range of Island Freezers multiplexed together

Interlevin TEFCOLD Brands

Interlevin and Tefcold, whilst established as brands in their own right with their own lines of commercial refrigeration, also distribute a number of other brands. Working closely with manufacturers worldwide, they strive to bring high quality and innovative products to the UK market from brands whose core values and aims align with their own.