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What Is a Commercial Fridge?
Find the Right Commercial Fridge for your Business

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Commercial Fridges - Tried and Tested

Any foodservice or catering business within the hospitality industry is well aware of the importance of choosing the perfect commercial fridge. As the UK's premier commercial refrigeration supplier, we at FFD, also understand the significance of making the right choice and therefore aim to deliver the most comprehensive range of equipment from market-leading manufacturers and to suit every budget.

Whether looking for display or storage equipment, commercial refrigerators are one of the essential cornerstones for every successful business. Guaranteeing that products remain fresh and at their best, restaurants, bars, bistros and shops are able to deliver superior quality every time.

What Is a Commercial Fridge?

Much like their domestic counterparts that appear in every home kitchen, commercial fridges offer food and drink storage and display at recommended chilled temperatures, generally around the 4°C mark. Not only does refrigeration preserve the quality of the contents but also ensures optimum food safety. So, what can you expect from a commercial fridge that you won’t get a domestic alternative?

  • More durable refrigeration

Unlike domestic models where the doors are opened perhaps a handful of times throughout the day, a commercial refrigerator will be in almost constant use with doors being opened hundreds of time over the same period. Every time the door is opened, cold air escapes. To counteract the repeated loss of cold air and to make sure temperatures remain at appropriate levels, commercial fridges feature heavy-duty refrigeration components. This means that commercial equipment is better equipped to rapidly pull temperatures back down to the set conditions.

  • Quality manufacture

Commercial fridges are manufactured using higher-grade materials in order to withstand demanding operating environments. From the core structure of the refrigeration to more durable hinges, shelves and handles, they are designed with the tough conditions common in professional kitchens in mind. They will also typically have improved overall design to maximise capacity and ensure easier, more hygienic cleaning is possible.

  • Enhanced efficiency

With more durable refrigeration components and higher quality manufacture comes enhanced efficiency. Not only promoting efficiency with regards to operation but also benefitting from energy-efficient features such as LED lighting, commercial fridges keep performance levels high but running costs low, meaning you can chill more products for less.

  • Greater accuracy

When preparing food for public consumption, food safety is a key priority. Unwanted temperature fluctuation by even a few degrees can mean the difference between stock being safe to serve or only fit for waste. When a business relies on making profit, unnecessary waste is not an option. To ensure that stock is maintained in premium condition, commercial fridges offer greater levels of precision and accuracy when it comes to performance.  

  • Increased capacity

As businesses deal with far greater quantities of stock than any average household would, you can expect commercial fridges to deliver substantially more capacity. Whether chilling foods in a catering kitchen or displaying products in a store setting, there’s ample space to make sure your business always runs smoothly.

Find the Right Commercial Fridge for your Business

Commercial fridges are used in many settings and for multiple purposes. To guarantee that every business can find their perfect commercial refrigerator, the FFD team have sourced a comprehensive range of equipment from a variety of manufacturers, in every size, layout, style and configuration possible: each tailored to perform in a variety of situations and to meet every requirement.

Complete your back bar display and chill beverages in style with this range of under counter and upright bottle coolers with single, double and triple door options. You’ll also find solid door bottle coolers and chest coolers perfect for chilled storage.

Keep your fine wines in premium condition and ready to serve with these under counter and upright wine coolers. Guarantee precision temperatures and humidity levels for reds, whites and roses.

Showcase your products whilst maintaining chilled conditions with this range of single, double and triple glass door fridges. To maximise and make full use of all available space, under counter fridges are also available.

Suitable for positioning in standard storage areas or within the heat of the actual working kitchen, your chilled produce will always be held in optimum temperatures. Choose from single or double door models, undercounter units, drawers or fish keepers and guarantee that all your storage and catering requirements are met.

Delivering the perfect combination of chilling and display, these units are perfect for customer-facing situations. Holding produce at precision serving temperatures, customers can clearly see what’s on offer. Counters are suitable for general purpose, meat and fish to cater for every business demand.

Ample food prep space is vital in any busy commercial kitchen. With such a large range available it’s never been easier to find a preparation counter to suit your business needs. Combining work space with refrigerated storage, you can opt for standard models, compact or low height units, drawers or glass door as well as freezer functions. Suitable for pizza prep, saladettes, gastronorm configuration or display, there’s plenty to choose from.

Merchandise food and drinks with maximum effect with this range of multidecks. These multi-level refrigerated displays are perfect for any self-serve situation attractively showcasing products whilst ensuring they’re perfectly chilled and ready to serve. Available with slim, low-height or stainless steel design, with integral or remote refrigeration systems, with open front, lockable or glass doors and for general purpose or fresh meat, there’s a multideck for every setting.

The ultimate refrigerated storage solution, cold rooms and freezer rooms can be constructed to pre-prepared standard sizes or can be produced completely bespoke to individual business requirements. Whether you’re searching for integral or remote systems, for the basic room or complete with accessories, you’ll be able to create a complete cold store set-up.

Present your tempting treats in style with an eye-catching cake display. Attract custom and boost sales with a choice of layouts and styles suitable for cakes, pattiserie or chocolate. Ensuring optimum conditions, your sweet delicacies will remain as moist and fresh at the end of the day as if they were newly baked.

Making use of plain prep counters, increasing ingredient organisation or placing products in direct eye line of customers to boost impulse sales, countertop refrigeration is the obvious choice. In a range of styles, designs and layouts, there’s plenty of choice available.

Keep temperature-sensitive vaccines and samples in precision conditions with medical fridges and freezers. Manufactured by leaders in the field of medical and scientific research refrigeration, accuracy, consistency and hygiene are guaranteed.

The home of a selection of non-standard commercial refrigeration, you’ll find ice cream machines, frozen yoghurt machines, bakery refrigeration and ageing cabinets, suitable for a variety of different businesses and requirements.

Commercial Fridges – Tried and Tested

Due to the importance with regards to food safety and the heavy duty use that any commercial refrigerator experiences, it is vital that equipment is up to the task in hand. We supply high quality commercial refrigeration from respected manufacturers that continually address key elements such as design, performance, efficiency and safety to guarantee that our customers receive the quality, security and product confidence that they expect. Many products on our site feature on the governments Energy Technology List (ETL) and are eligible on the ECA Scheme. Where applicable, all commercial refrigeration units display appropriate energy labels in line with the MEPS Scheme as well as adhering to all F-Gas Regulations.

At FFD, we understand the importance of choosing the right commercial fridge for your business. To ensure that you get the support you need, when you need it, our team of experts are on hand to discuss your refrigeration requirements: to lend a hand during the buying process or simply offer more information to make your options clearer.