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True Buying Guide

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The True name has proven to provide quality commercial refrigeration for over 65 years. This global company is based in Missouri, USA and equips professional kitchens around the world. As one of the biggest refrigeration suppliers in America it is undeniable that the increased energy efficiency, sleek designs and advanced technology improves operations in any catering establishment.

Why choose True

  • Purpose built refrigeration systems

True match and balance compressors, evaporators and condenser coils in order to engineer premium environmentally friendly systems. The result is lower energy consumption, shorter run times and exceptional cold holding temperatures.

  • Increased longevity

The fan motors which True use are completely sealed, oil filled and self-lubricating providing a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years. Each motor is coupled with the perfect sized fan blades to increase performance, guarantee faster recovery and ensure even and consistent temperatures.

  • Ecomate foam insulation

High quality insulation improves overall performance. The Ecomate foam which True use is a CFC free polyurethane, high density material which provides ultimate strength and rigidity whilst taking it easy on the environment.

  • 100% run tests

True test every single product that is manufactured to guarantee the highest quality and unwavering reliability for every customer. While other manufacturer’s use a conditioned test chamber, True run products in working kitchens to ensure that they work effectively in real environments.

  • Unrivalled warranty

True are so confident that the products they manufacture and distribute are of the highest quality, they provide an amazing 5 years parts and labour warranty as standard.

Choosing the right True for you

Product type; True provide a full range of products for all commercial refrigeration purposes. Whether you are looking for keg coolers, food prep counters, display refrigeration, full sized fridges or under counter alternatives, True can cater for all requirements.

Available space; with a full choice of sizes, the True range can offer the perfect unit to suit the size, layout and dimensions of all kitchens.

Capacity; all True refrigeration maximises the amount of capacity available regardless of the dimensions of the unit. Pay attention to the amount of storage your business requires. Compare this information with the total capacity of a unit before purchase to establish whether the product can provide everything that you need. Buying a unit too small will be a wasted investment while opting for a product with too much storage will increase running costs in the future as you chill unnecessary space.

Features to look for

  • Temperature range

The temperature ranges allocated to all True products are based on the core temperature of the foods being stored and not the internal temperature of the unit, like other manufacturer’s. This means that food safety is maintained at the highest levels, not only giving quality results but also ultimate security for customers. Refrigerated units typically hold temperatures at 0˚C to 3˚C while freezers hold at temperatures of -18˚C to -23˚C.

  • 5 year warranty

Look for a full 5 year parts and labour warranty which covers doors and hinges. This should be supplied as standard with all True products.

  • Hydrocarbon option

Many True products are now available with an energy efficient hydrocarbon option. This natural refrigerant increases savings however can only be chosen on certain products. Make sure to check whether you could utilise this option and where it is available.

  • ECA qualified

The Energy Technology List houses all products that meet the strict criteria. Many products in the True range feature on this list making the purchaser eligible for a selection of benefits on the ECA scheme. Always ask your supplier whether the item you are considering appears on this government list.

  • Included as standard

When purchasing prep counters where the design allows for gastronorm pan storage, always check whether the pans are included as standard or whether they must be bought separately. There is nothing worse than waiting for a unit and realising that you haven’t got all of the pieces to get up and running straight away.

  • Under mounted design

Under mounted cabinets (LINK)house the compressor at the bottom of the unit as oppose to at the top. The lower situation is often the coolest area of the kitchen and generally the most grease free meaning that performance is enhanced. Less strain is put on mechanical components and cleaning and maintenance become easier. The weight distribution is also improved making the overall unit more stable and the lowest level of storage is raised to create a ‘no stoop’ shelf.

Ask advice

Choosing the perfect unit can often be complicated. With so much information and specifications to take into consideration it is easy to overlook a basic factor such as dimensions in relation to the space available and the capacity. If you have a friend in the business that you can trust to give impartial advice ask for their opinion. Alternatively contact an impartial supplier to point you in the right direction. The team at FFD are fully trained to listen to specific needs and offer valid suggestions as to the perfect product. Take advantage of their experience and let them help you to locate the ideal piece for your business.