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Patisserie Display Buying Guide

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Everyone likes to indulge in a pastry or cake occasionally and this desire means big business for cafes, bakeries and shops that offer fresh treats daily. To guarantee that you are able to maximise your profits and keep customers coming back for more it is vital to invest in a quality patisserie display that is able to perform to the highest standards.

Understanding how to go about deciding on the best piece of equipment for your business and which features are relevant to performance can be confusing if you are new to the patisserie game. This is why we have put together a helpful buying guide to point you in the right direction.

What are patisserie displays used for?

Patisserie displays are generally used for any form of cakes or pastries and provide not only attractive displays of what is on offer but also preserves freshness ready for service. Operating at slightly higher temperatures than serve over counters, patisserie displays are capable of maintaining pastries, sponges, meringues and chocolates without any compromise to the quality, taste and appearance.

What to look for;

  • Size; patisserie displays are available in a full range of sizes – the larger the external dimensions the greater capacity. Be sure to accurately measure the space you have available to ensure that the unit you purchase is suitable. Additionally it is vital to consider the access point at which the equipment will be brought through. Is the opening large enough to bring the display into the premises and situate without obstruction? Should you discover once you have receipt of the item that it does not fit you will incur additional costs in returning the product. 
  • Design and layout; your display needs to be as attractive as possible and yet still remain in keeping with existing décor. Luckily there is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from when looking for the perfect patisserie unit. It is essential to purchase a unit that complements your individual service style and the surrounding environment. Whether looking for a tall upright cabinet, a slim line model or a corner design, for example, there is something for everyone.
  • Temperature range; with ambient and refrigerated units available the perfect temperature can be achieved to ensure that your products remain in top condition. The types of ingredients you store will dictate the unit you require, for example, if chocolate is stored in low temperatures it may discolour resulting in a product that just looks ‘off’. For businesses that require a combination of storage environments there are displays which are chilled but also house ambient shelving suitable for multi-purpose use.
  • Shelving; each unit will feature a number of shelves on which to attractively display your cakes and pastries. This can increase capacity and allow clear organisation of what you have to offer.
  • Price; although this is the first thought for many buyers, it shouldn’t be used as the sole deciding factor. It is important to purchase a unit that can cater for all requirements, scrimping on cost can result in a poor performance, short lifespan and increased running costs that will lose you money in the future.
  • Finishes; your patisserie display should complement the surroundings and remain in keeping with existing décor. With multiple colours to choose from, there is something for all designs and layouts.

Areas to consider;

  • Fan assisted cooling; this can create even temperatures and increased consistency of environment resulting in no more hot spots.
  • Ease of use; work out how you want the equipment to work for you. Rear access units are perfect for easy loading and retrieval of items for staff during serving whilst rotating or front hinged door designs work well for self service businesses.
  • Remote; remote units are recognised by the main condensing unit being situated away from the display, typically on the exterior of the premises. The condenser is connected by pipes and is generally able to maintain lower temperatures within the patisserie display, ideal for buildings with high ambient temperatures.
  • Pull out beds; especially useful for loading cakes and pastries etc. and cleaning the cabinet ensuring consistently good levels of hygiene. Not all units will feature pull out beds so if this is a necessity be sure to fully evaluate specifications.
  • Illumination; many units will feature internal lighting in order to create a more appealing setting. Attracting customers and showcasing your delicious produce will inevitably see your profits soar.
  • Under storage; some models feature additional under storage supplying extra space to house essentials. This storage may be refrigerated or ambient so also be sure to read all specifications carefully.
  • Manufacturer; with many big name manufacturers lending their expertise to the choice of patisserie displays you will have plenty of choice. Whether you are replacing ‘like for like’ equipment or simply have a preferred brand there is a full range to browse through. If this is the first display you are purchasing always research potential manufacturers to discover what they can offer. Sometimes, although the price may be higher, the benefits of efficiency and longevity are worth the extra spending.
  • Humidity controls; humidity can have a detrimental effect on delicate cakes and pastries, similarly an environment that is too dry can also have a negative impact on the end result. Some units feature humidity controls which allow the user to set the perfect conditions ensuring optimum freshness.
  • Misting and fogging; this can be an issue when moisture levels are high. Not only do these natural occurrences reduce visibility but also look unprofessional. Certain displays feature a small glass section at the front of the viewing area to reduce any potential misting or fogging, alternatively turning the temperature up a little may also counteract the problem.

Ask advice

The pressure of choosing the perfect piece of equipment first time can be great however if you have any doubts always seek a second opinion. If you know others in the same industry ask which unit they would recommend and why. Remember that their suggestions will be based on their own unique and individual requirements and so may not be right for your business. Alternatively contact the Fridge Freezer Direct sales team. Able to offer totally unbiased advice, we are able to listen to each individual requirement and tailor suggestions that meet your needs.