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Multidecks Buying Guide

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Multidecks are the most popular form of display cabinet for the majority of shops. Produce is clearly visible and is housed in optimum conditions ensuring customer satisfaction. Creating an attractive display that appeals to customers will encourage more sales and a carefree shopping experience.

There are a number of options to consider before investing in a multideck display. Considering all aspects and deciding which options are best suited to your business style and premises before spending any money guarantees that you will make the perfect choice the first time.

The condensing unit often referred to as the motor is mounted on an external wall or floor. This unit is then connected to the display case by refrigerant pipes. All remote equipment is of a single phase design.

Advantages of remote units

Heat emissions are removed from the premises and expelled outside, maintaining an even ambient temperature within the shop.

The noise generated by the equipment isn’t audible within the premises.

Provided that installation is carried out correctly, remote units have lower overall energy consumption.

When serviced and maintained regularly these multidecks generally have increased longevity.

The majority of remote chillers have a larger display area with only a few exceptions.

  • Plug in

All components are housed within the equipment with no external elements other than the electrical supply. The condensing unit/motor is typically located underneath the base shelf. Larger units will have a single phase design.

Advantages of plug in units

Plug in or integral pieces of equipment are less expensive to buy keeping initial costs low.

As running noises are within the premises there is little risk of complaints from neighbours.

No planning permission is required for integral displays, a consent that is sometimes necessary for remote alternatives.

In the majority of cases, plug in models are generally reliable when serviced and maintained adequately.

  • Size

The size of display equipment is very important after all you need something that will fit into the space available without obstructing or overcrowding walkways. Generally, taller models will be narrower and shorter alternatives wider in order to retain storage capacity. There are slim line options available for businesses that are limited by space. Once you have highlighted potential options relevant to acceptable external dimensions, it is essential to make an informed choice regarding other features and specifications. Never just choose a unit on size or price alone!

  • Situation

The position in which you place a plug in display cabinet is vital. Without adequate airflow and ventilation around the equipment and vents especially, technical difficulties and breakdowns will be a major concern. Lack of air circulation will impede the function of the condenser and put unnecessary strain on the compressor resulting in increased running costs and ultimate failure of equipment. A plug in unit will kick out heat emissions into the shop, raising the ambient temperature especially in smaller areas. This increase in surrounding temperature will also affect running costs and potential breakdowns.

Remote displays will still require servicing and maintenance to ensure that all vents remain clear and clean regardless of where they are situated.

  • Shelves

Refrigerated multidecks will have a varying number of shelves and so it is always recommended to check specifications to ensure that a product will meet all of your storage needs. For maximum storage area opt for a remote ‘low front’ display unit. This option will give you at least one extra shelf.

Make sure that shelves are strengthened adequately to eliminate the possibility of bowing under weight.

Shelves are available as either flat or angled features; the angled option typically being for fruit and vegetables. Some models will have adjustable shelves for additional versatility.

  • Temperature

Generally temperature ranges fluctuate between 2˚C -10˚C providing perfect conditions for the majority of refrigerated produce such as cooked meats, dairy, soft drinks, sandwiches and fruit and vegetables. If you are looking to feature a raw meat display, you will require a lower temperature range to maintain food safety.

  • Refrigeration systems

The way in which a display is chilled can have an effect on the products stored. There are two types of chilling system; static and fan assisted.

Static cooling features a plate located at the rear of the case which chills the air around it and therefore the stock nearby. When the desired temperature has been reached the unit will shut off automatically. Once the air has warmed through to a specific degree, the compressor will switch on and chill the air once again.

Fan assisted systems, as the name suggests features a fan which constantly circulates chilled air around the display creating an even and consistent environment. These models also hold temperature more effectively and can reduce running costs.

Static cooling methods tend not to dry out foods as quickly, a problem which can occur when using fan assisted alternatives. All sealed foods will remain in good condition while open foods will not hold their condition for as long.

  • Build quality

The build quality of a piece will often be determined by the price, the manufacturer and the features. Typically all products can be categorised into three approximate categories; entry level, mid-range and flagship. Generally the more expensive the chilled display, the better the build quality, after all ‘you get what you pay for’. You will also notice that the higher investment pieces will have more desirable features. If you have a strict budget but want the best Foster provide a 12 month 0% Interest-Free Credit allowing the cost to be spread into more manageable portions. Mid to top range products will benefit from increased efficiency due to more advanced technology being used and so while the upfront cost may be higher you will reap the rewards and make savings in the future.

  • Features

There are numerous features which are advantageous when choosing a multideck display. Removable bottom plates can provide easier and more thorough cleaning ensuring that hygiene doesn’t have to be hard work.

Auto defrost is another feature which will prove useful minimising the amount of elbow grease required to maintain equipment.

While some manufacturers include certain elements as standard, you may have to pay extra with other brands. Always check what you are receiving and what will come at an additional cost. Look for glass or stainless steel sides, night blinds for increased efficiency, doors and locks.

Making sure that your equipment fulfils your requirements and doesn’t look out of place, being able to complement existing décor and layout is simple with the many customisations available.

  • Warranty

Always check the warranty that is supplied as standard as it will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Ask advice

When you are aiming to spend money wisely it is important to make an informed decision to guarantee that finances aren’t wasted. If you have looked through each feature and specification and are still unsure ask the advice of a friend in the business or an impartial third party. The FFD team are trained to assess individual needs and tailor choices accordingly.