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Maintaining Ice Machines

You may not think it but having an unclean ice machine can be dangerous. It is essential for you to keep your machine clean.

Cleaning the unit regularly can ensure that the produced ice is a uniform shape and also prevent any unpleasant odours.

Ice machines can sometimes create a build-up of brown slime which develops from some types of yeast. It is a good idea to check the machines manual if you find this.

Make sure your unit is not in an area that is too warm, keeping it in a cool area can mean it does not need to use as much energy and will create better ice.

Replacing water filters every six months or so can increase the amount and time for ice creation in your machine.

It is important to keep condenser coils clean, dirty coils can increase the machines temperature therefore slowing production.

Ice machine maintenance is paramount in catering establishments and should be performed regularly. It is a good idea to get a professional technician to do this.

It is easy to take any commercial refrigeration equipment for granted but take regular preventative maintenance steps can prolong life spans and save you money. Some of the benefits are listed below;

  • Reduce power consumption. It’s easy to be GREEN with a little preventative care.
  • Extend life of equipment, especially critical components like the compressor, capillary tube, and condenser fan motor.
  • Avoid costly EMERGENCY service caused by lack of maintenance.
  • Avoid mold growth and contaminated “spotted” ice. (To combat this, have ice machines taken apart and cleaned at least twice per year.)
  • Properly maintained line coolers won’t cause system oil and capillary tube breakdown and/or compressor failure.
  • Proper door seal reduces power consumption and extends life of equipment.