Is Whisky Making a Comeback?
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In the past few years, gin has been big news, enjoying its status as the ‘spirit of the moment’. However, hot off the heels of the gin revolution and spurred by Burn’s Night, we wonder if it isn’t about time whisk(e)y made a comeback. Many may argue it never went away and rightly so. Still enjoying steady growth, whisky is a stalwart favourite globally, continually enjoying massive sales around the world year on year.

This iconic tipple has never really left the scene, it’s just been hiding in the shadows of the gin craze. By no means on the decline, whisky has simply been letting another share the limelight momentarily.

Whether preferring Scottish whisky or Irish or American whiskey with an ‘e’, many feel that it’s time for this popular spirit to reclaim its rightful place as leader of the pack.

The Basics

Whisky is a broad, umbrella term made up of multiple sub-divisions that take years to master. The primary ingredients used determine whether each bottle is classed as grain or malt whisky with grain obviously adopting grain as its base and malt created using malted barley.

Using distilling methods first evidenced in the 15th Century, whisky began to see rapid growth from its inception. Although the rate has slowed and evened out, the positive gradient has continued throughout history.

Distilling is often classed as an art form with people dedicating their lives to the search for the perfect blend. Distilleries today use age-old methods and a variety of techniques to produce the fullest flavours and create unique blends that give each brand its distinct character.

New Kid on the BlockProper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

While everyone is familiar with the big names including Jamesons, Bells, Southern Comfort, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Teachers and Grants, there’s a new-comer to the party, whose hitting the market in a big way. We wouldn’t expect anything less from mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor who’s new offering, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey is taking the world by storm.

Known primarily for his prowess in the Octagon, McGregor has now turned his hand to his other passion - Irish Whiskey. Launched in September 2018, it has been a continuous sell-out in many shops. Flying off the shelves quicker than they can be restocked, Proper No. Twelve promises a smooth, sweet, well-balanced drink with ‘hints of vanilla, honey…and toasted wood’*.

Working with the oldest whiskey distillery located in McGregor’s homeland of Ireland, the team, headed by McGregor and supported by David Elder, the master distiller, formulated a triple distilled whiskey; a blend of single malt with homegrown Irish grain. Titled as a tribute to his roots, Conor McGregor has cemented his legacy, not just a fighter but also a whiskey aficionado.

Although currently only available to buy in Ireland and the US, by popular demand it is hoped to be coming soon to the UK.*

It’s not all about the whiskey though. Proper No. Twelve donate $5 from every case sold to first responder organisations worldwide under the moniker ‘One for All’, giving something back to those ‘unsung heroes’**.

How Do You Drink Yours?

Whether you love a cheeky whisky cocktail or a straight up shot, let’s get whisk(e)y back on top.

Although some die-hard whisky fanatics may think it sacrilegious to add ice, others quite like a dram on the rocks. Make sure your bar is ready for every preference with an ice machine you can rely on.

Hoshizaki special ice shapes

Don’t ruin a premium whisky with substandard ice. Market leading brand Hoshizaki have been equipping the hospitality industry for years with integral and modular ice making systems. Having perfected the process, they can offer a range of sized cubes, each slow-melting and with optimum clarity. Also being one of the leaders in the field for environmentally friendly approaches to ice production, Hoshizaki deliver well-rounded equipment combining innovation, performance and efficiency. To add something a little special there’s not just standard cubes on offer; introduce a flourish with special ice shapes including hearts, stars, crescents and spheres. For more details on Hoshizaki's specialist ice makers get in touch.

There are also some fantastic whisky based cocktails available for those that aren't so keen on the neat stuff so putting together a tempting promotion shouldn’t be too difficult for any bar that loves to get creative.

Let the whisky comeback begin!


*As of 28th February 2019, Proper No. Twelve is now available in the UK. Cheers everyone!



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