Getting to Grips with Grab-and-Go Fridges
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For many people, the idea of shopping for something to eat can fill them with indecision. There are now so many locations where you can get food and drinks, that the choice seems endless. With peoples lives also becoming more hectic, there is often no time to sit down and eat something, which leaves them eating at their desk, or quickly consuming it as they walk back to work. For the business owner, it creates new challenges to overcome, so that they can cater to their customers.

Here are a few ways that grab-and-go fridges can improve the service to your customer, while also making your products stand out and increase sales.

What Are Grab-and-Go Fridges?

Tiered display fridge with stocked shelves Oscartielle Smart Range Multideck

Known as ‘multidecks’ they are often multi-tiered displays that are open-fronted and found in many shops and restaurants. The idea behind these multidecks is that the products are placed on shelves within the cool area and are easily accessible by the customers.

There are many different types of these available and they often come in various arrangements depending on the products you want to offer. One of the main reasons these fridges are so popular is their convenience for the customer, along with creating an attractive presentation for the food.

What Are They Used For?

Although you might think that these multidecks are best suited to small shops or convenience stores, they are also extremely useful in a casual restaurant setting.

For businesses that offer a buffet restaurant, the use of multidecks can be a vital part of the process. It allows them to offer cold beverages, sandwiches and snacks that would otherwise need to be kept in a fridge behind the counter. It also speeds up the buying process because customers can choose what they want themselves without having to ask a member of staff.

Of course, the places that these units can be used is almost endless. Because of their versatility, they can be used wherever a business wants to offer cold food or beverages.

What Can be Put in a Multideck?

Meat on shelves in an open front display fridge

What you put in your multideck really depends on your customers and the types of food that you sell. If you are catering for lunchtime customers such as office workers, then you need to have pre-packaged food that can be chosen and eaten quickly. This can include sandwiches, wraps, salad boxes and pasta boxes. You should also consider having a variety of drinks in there that will cater to a varied taste.

Many such businesses will also have choices for children such as boxes made up with a small sandwich, drink and another snack. This can be ideal for parents that are looking for a quick lunch idea for the little ones but don’t have the time to sit down and eat.

It is also important that you cater to a variety of dietary needs, especially if you have found from your customer feedback that you have a diverse customer base. This could be in the form of a vegetarian option, vegan choices, and even a gluten-free range. You will likely gain more passing trade by offering a wider choice, as well as boost word of mouth.

While the majority of multidecks support general purpose use, there are specialist units available suitable for fresh meats. Operating with a lower temperature range, meat display fridges are essential for butchers and supermarket meat counters.

What Options Are Available?

Depending on the layout and type of business you have, there are different configurations available. Here are some of the main options:

  • Remote

Remote units are designed with an external motor unit that is fixed to the wall outside the building. This unit is then connected to the fridge by pipes. One of the main advantages of this type of multideck is the heat from the motor is dissipated outside rather than in the restaurant. This means the temperature inside can be better controlled for the staff and customers.

Another advantage is noise as the motor can become noisy during operation. This noise will be outside the premises and won’t disturb the customers. These units are also far more efficient and have a lower energy consumption provided they are serviced correctly.

You may also find that the majority of these remote units will have a bigger display area so you can fit more products in the unit. Remote multidecks will often have a longer lifespan if looked after adequately as oppose to integral options.

  • Integral or Plug-in

An integral unit is as the name suggests, a unit that contains the motor within. These have no external components except the power cord. One of the benefits of this type of design is that it is easier to move if you are considering changing the layout of your restaurant or shop.

These units are often cheaper to buy initially, which will keep costs down if you need to buy multiple units at the same time. There is also no need to apply for planning permission to attach the outside motor to the wall. This can be especially helpful if your premises is a listed building that cannot have any external changes made.

If the integral units are regularly serviced and maintained, they can offer a relatively lengthy service life. This means less money spent on replacing machinery and fixing breakdowns and more money towards profits.

Multideck units are available to buy in a choice of designs and sizes to guarantee that there’s always a model that best suits your needs.Drinks on fridge shelves in a shop

Choosing the Right Size

As well as choosing the right type of multdeck, you also need to consider what size you need. This can be as simple as measuring the size space you have, but there can be other considerations as well.

Think about the layout of the shop or restaurant floor and where your customers will be. Are there are obvious places for the units to go that will have the most impact? Perhaps you want more than one size to accommodate drinks and chilled foods in separate displays.

Along with the size, you also have to think of the number of shelves you need. It is a good idea to plan what you want to place in the unit before you buy one so that you don’t buy the wrong size. It is always better to have slightly more room than you need rather than having to put too much in one unit and cramming in contents that can impede the internal airflow.

If your customers are looking for quick snacks, or you want to add another dimension to your business, then these grab-and-go multideck units can be the ideal solution. To read more about these display fridges take a look at our multideck buying guide.

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