Creating a Profitable Back Bar Design
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Your back bar design will determine the level of success you achieve from your business. The most successful back bars are usually produced by people who have put a lot of thought into creating a chilled out space where adults can enjoy their favourite drinks.

As a bar owner, it is always important to think of your back bar as a showcase to present what’s available. This is something more than a bunch of chillers and bottles thrown together. It has to attractively display what’s on offer and be functional yet also make working within the space easier and more efficient for your staff.

Therefore thought, planning, time and effort is required to make sure your back bar layout is profitable, after all, profitability is not just brought by the number of drinks you sell in your bar. How comfortable people feel also plays a major role.

Consider these things before designing your back bar and guarantee that you’re in a position to increase your profits.

It needs to make sense to the customersbottles behind a bar

You can do this by creating the right order in the way you arrange your drinks. For example, whether displaying wines, mixers or bottled beers, each type should be grouped together. Everything you sell should also be within easy reach to make it more convenient for you and your customers.

Large bars may require multiple separate sections for each area such as two wine stations, two lots of spirits, multiple bottle coolers etc.

Give the customers what they want

Customers are less likely to come to your bar if you do not give them what they want. Therefore, take some time and consider what your customers like. There is no point in having a massive wine list taking up space behind the bar if the majority of your revenue to made up of beer sales.

Create promotional areas

This concerns how you present and position your products at the bar. Ensure every bottle is optimally positioned to get the full attention of the customers. This is especially true for the kind of drinks which you would like to move fast. The way bars present and position products can influence buying choices.

Placing your products in the right spot at the bar will make it easier for your customers to see them and therefore boost sales. Customers will tend to look front and centre first at eye-level. Place your most profitable items there.

Use proper lighting in your bar fridges

Effective lighting is important because it ensures that your products are visible at all times. It illuminates the display, highlights products and can add a real impact. Additionally, lighting has some aesthetic value to your bar making it more attractive.

Bar lined with glasses and bottle coolers behind.

Invest in quality equipment

Whether you are using commercial bottle coolers or wine fridges, investing in quality equipment makes your design look great. Not to mention that you will not be able to deliver quality service if your equipment keeps breaking down.

Your commitment to providing the best service isn’t just about bar refrigeration, it should also be evident with the type of ingredients you use. They should be fresh at all times. Not to mention that you should be ready to offer full and comprehensive drinks service to customers.

Offer a good selection of drinks

Everyone’s tastes differ so make sure you have something for everyone. Customers are less likely to trust a bar that lacks variety. It is, therefore, important to have more than one option of drinks, whether wine, soft drink, spirit or beer. However, as much as variety is needed, don’t go over the top - scale it to the size of your business. It wouldn’t make sense to waste valuable space stocking drinks that no-one ever orders or buys.

Create some order
behind a bar

People are more likely to come to your bar if there is some form of order with all choices easily identified and arranged appropriately. Make sure to organise your drinks and avoid over-crowding. It is also always important to make sure everything is clearly visible for your customers’ benefit.

The positioning of bar elements such as ice, garnishes, bottles, and glasses needs to have some flow and facilitate efficient service. Little touches also make a big difference. Ice buckets should be clean and well stocked, freshly sliced garnishes displayed and tools of trade such as cocktail shakers and corkscrews all present and correct.

Give information where possible

Customers love information about what is available, and the more direct the better. There are a number of creative ways to give information that helps make your customers’ time inside the bar easy and pleasant.

Make sure to provide the right information without detracting from products. Some of the things you could use to deliver information include posters, flyers, beer mats and chalkboards.

Go bespoke

Creating a back bar design that speaks to your specific premises is a great way to make sure your bar stands out. While many choose to use available ‘off the shelf’ equipment, creating a design and layout tailored to your individual premises is an increasingly popular alternative.

Companies like Gamko are known to create bespoke bar designs/modular bar systems by building layouts personalised specifically to your premises, style of business and your type of clientele. Gamko bottle coolers and bar equipment can be purchased through Fridge Freezer Direct or if you are interested in a bespoke bar design call us for more details.

Be practical

Using equipment that actually works for your business is yet another way to make sure that you are making the most of your bar. For example, consider using a sliding door instead of hinged door equipment to prevent potential obstruction in smaller spaces.

bar shelves with bottles

Keep it clean and free of clutter

A clean, uncluttered environment makes it easier to notice the intricate design that you have given so much thought, effort and money to. During busy service, it’s easy to forget to dispose of wine corks and bottle tops etc. Clear any bar detritus as quickly as possible including dirty glasses and empty bottles to maintain the professional appeal of your bar and deliver the impact that it is capable of.

Additionally, clean surfaces, drip trays, all equipment, spirit bottles, shelves and everything else with the potential of collecting dust or debris and remove the inevitable ‘stickiness’ that comes from running a bar. Keeping everything spotless and gleaming gives a true reflection of the professionalism of the business.

Remember, a messy bar will not instil confidence or encourage people to drink in your establishment. By giving your bar layout the time and consideration it deserves, you can make sure that your profits soar.

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