Commercial Refrigeration: Why Buy British?
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The UK has been through a lot in the last few years.

From the uncertainty of the long, drawn-out Brexit negotiations to the current Covid-19 crisis and the recession which has come with it - bringing half a million businesses close to closing and sending the number of benefits-claimants sky-rocketing up to 2.7 million and counting.

These are certainly difficult times - and, with the climate still in a state of emergency, these difficult times seem set to last for a while yet.

Unless, that is, we do something about it. While the figures may make the future look bleak, they do point to something we can all do to help. There has never been a better time to support British brands.

What's more: When it comes to refrigeration, buying British couldn't be easier - we have some of the best manufacturers in the world right here, on our doorstep.

Let's take a closer look at them, and what they have to offer:


FosterFoster logo

First founded in New York in 1946, Foster Refrigerator brought its business to the UK in 1968, with their King's Lynn factory opening two years later in 1970. A company with an international reach, Foster holds the crown as Europe's leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer.

Foster's most recent refrigeration offerings are distinguished by their innovative +stayclear condenser.

The condenser, which launched in 2015 and won "Refrigeration Product of the Year" at the 2016 ACR News Awards, uses aerofoil tube technology to prevent the build-up of dirt in Foster's fridge and freezer components.

Staying clear of the blockages which often spell the end for refrigeration appliances, these condensers allow Foster's machines to stay working smoothly for longer while wasting less energy - giving Foster a reputation for durable, efficient and reliable appliances.

If you're in charge of a busy commercial kitchen and you're looking to set up or expand your refrigerating capability, our selection of Foster appliances offers a one-stop-shop for all of your needs.


Next up:

OsborneOsborne logo

Well into its sixtieth year, Osborne Refrigerators have been supplying customers with high quality refrigeration units since its founding in Bognor Regis in February 1960.

Having begun life producing specialist fridges for fish storage and chilled bottle shelf units for pubs and bars, Osborne are still going strong - as are many of their sturdy products.

While other manufacturers focused on making their products cheaper, and often less resilient, Osborne focused on quality and innovation. In the process, they have attained numerous claims to fame, including being the first to introduce the idea of glass door refrigerators to the UK.

What's more, they have plenty of eco-credentials: from adopting polystyrene panels instead of damaging polyurethane in the 1960s, through being an early adopter of "ozone friendly" refrigerants in the early 1990s, to their current eCold range, a market leader for efficiency.

Having found markets for their bottle coolers and fish storage units across the world, they are now a well known home-grown brand.

So, if your pub or bar is in need of a good-looking long-lasting set of display fridges and bottle coolers, or if you're looking for a place to store your fish, look no further than our range of Osborne appliances.


Third on our list:

AutonumisAutonumis logo

Based in Stroud and with a history stretching back to 1962, Autonumis provides display cabinets, chilled drink dispensers and vending equipment to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Our range includes Milk dispensers which no hotel, canteen or breakfast bar is complete without, along with Autonumis' impressive selection of coolers.

So, if you're looking for a quality, efficient and aesthetically pleasing bottle cooler, be sure to check out their EcoChill range which, with foam-injected carcasses, are well insulated to ensure that your chilled bottles keep their cool without wasting precious energy.


Last, but not least:

LabcoldLabcold logo

Founded way back in 1932 as Boro Dairy Laboratories, Labcold has the longest history of this selection.

In its early days, the company had an analytical focus, testing the milk of London's small dairy suppliers before it went out to be sold. But the Second World War spelt the end for this line of business.

Adapting to the changing marketplace of the post-war years, the company eventually shifted their focus to devote themselves to the production of specialist temperature control equipment, before narrowing down further to focus on refrigeration appliances.

Labcold is now the UK's leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers: from Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, to spark-free laboratory refrigerators, freezers and blood banks, Labcold's medical grade equipment is sure to meet the needs of any medical establishment.

With their fridge freezers offering Round-the-Clock temperature logging, and their chest freezers coming with lockable lids to prevent theft and unwanted human contact, the benefits of Labcold's specialisation are clear to see.

So, if you're buying for a hospital or pharmacy looking for reliable upright or countertop fridge freezers or if you're looking for a sparkfree, secure and sturdy chest freezer to keep your lab samples free from contamination, our Labcold range is an ideal place to start.



With refrigeration brands like these right on our doorstep, it's easy to see a glimmer of hope - however gloomy the world may seem at the moment. If you're a restaurant, pub, bar, cafe, hospital or pharmacy or more looking for a new refrigeration unit, be sure to see what these four can offer you.

Buying British, you'll be supporting British jobs and helping the economy get back on its feet while also cutting down on your environmental footprint, by cutting out the emissions produced by international transportation.

Invest in home-grown appliances. Get your fridges and freezers direct.

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