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  • Optimising Efficiency with Commercial Refrigeration

    Manufacturers do their part by introducing durable refrigeration components, using quality manufacturing materials, creating advanced control systems to optimise energy consumption, including efficient lighting and improving insulation. After all, all commercial refrigeration is subjected to stringent testing to make sure it’s up to the job. While massive advances have been made and continue to be made, it’s vital that, if you truly want to achieve maximum efficiency, the user must do their part.
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  • Creating a Profitable Back Bar Design

    As a bar owner, it is always important to think of your back bar as a showcase to present what’s available. This is something more than a bunch of chillers and bottles thrown together. It has to attractively display what’s on offer and be functional yet also make working within the space easier and more efficient for your staff. Therefore thought, planning, time and effort is required to make sure your back bar layout is profitable, after all, profitability is not just brought by the number of drinks you sell in your bar.
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  • World Refrigeration Day – A Look to the Past, Present and Future

    It’s hard to imagine life without some form of refrigeration, whether advanced or rudimentary in design. Whether cooling rooms during hot summers days, achieving optimum storage conditions in cellars or other areas, holding products at correct temperatures whilst being transported around the country, chilling perishable produce on-site or freezing foods to extend shelf life, refrigeration plays a massive part in today’s culture. Used both in domestic and commercial areas, this technology has a become a mainstay in the modern world. Approaching World Refrigeration Day we take a look at the roots of refrigeration, where we are today and where advances in technology might take us in the future.
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  • Ice Cream and Gelato – The Latest Scoop

    Ice cream and gelato are popular sweet treats for people around the world. There is little doubt that both are a delicacy. They have been used as a popular frozen dessert in many settings as well as a refreshment and the perfect cool-down for people in fun situations, especially during...
    56 days ago..
  • Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance - Fridge Odours

    Fridge odours are something that every commercial kitchen owner suffers at some point. This is quite understandable when you think about it, due to all the foodstuffs and drinks that are stored in refrigerators, particularly when spillages occur. The first place to check in a fridge (not frost-free) is the...
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  • Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist

    A common mistake people make is to forget about preventative maintenance when everything is working properly. It is always better to prevent a problem from ever happening than to have to try and solve it once it has. A good idea to keeping on top of your maintenance is having...
    92 days ago..

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