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Top Freezer Tips

An Arcaboa display freezer with blue trim and food stocked inside. The lid is hinged and slightly open.

Follow these top tips from refrigeration maintenance specialists Serviceline to help minimise the risk of freezer breakdowns:

Train your staff to stack the fridges and freezers properly. Propping open the door of the fridge or coldroom is one sure-fire method of wasting energy and making the compressor work its hardest. Do not stack boxes all around the evaporator, and don’t fill a cabinet or bottle cooler so full that the air can’t circulate.

Failure to keep the condenser clean will cost you at least 8% in extra energy consumption. If you can see lots of fluff or dirt covering the components, have it properly cleaned by an engineer. This will also help stop the risk of overheating when it gets hotter.

A split door seal could cost you 10-15% more energy. Split seals waste huge amounts of energy and you don’t need that when kitchen temperatures soar. Wash all round the door seal with warm, slightly soapy water and a cloth – don’t use a knife. Check closely for splits or ill-fitting seals and replace if damaged.

If you have a coldroom, look closely at the evaporator – that’s where the cold air is blown from. If there is any ice on it, or around it, particularly at the back or sides, there’s a problem. If the ice has formed a stalactite, there’s a bigger problem – time to call a service engineer to examine the cause.

Look closely at the ice from your ice-maker. If it is usually clear, but has become cloudy, you may need to have the ice-maker descaled. If you have a water filter fitted (most caterers should), change it at least once a year (before the summer is a good idea). If you have a removable filter, pull it out and wash it thoroughly.

Check the temperature readouts of all cabinets at the end of a long shift; these will show if a cabinet is recovering temperature properly when used heavily. If they are not recovering the correct operating temperature – and especially if your fridges or freezers haven’t pulled down to temperature after working all night – call an engineer immediately.

Source: Serviceline



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  1. do you sell the replacement rubber door seal for a vestfrost milk fridge serial no. 20082251280 type FKG371. if not any idea where we might get one? many thanks

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