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Refrigerated Fish Keeper Buying Guide

Fish on ice


If fresh fish is a major part of your business then investing in the perfect refrigerated fish keeper is vital to achieving the best results and ultimate success. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel there are units designed to meet all requirements. Finding the perfect equipment for your business is easy when you understand all the options. This guide is created to explain each area and help you to make your first choice the right one.


Unless you are designing a kitchen layout from scratch you will generally encounter size restrictions. A full range of dimensions are available to accommodate all scale of business. Varying in height, width and depth it should be easy to locate a size configuration that suits your needs. Always measure the area you have available precisely and use that as your starting point for narrowing down your options. Remember to allow for breathing space around equipment to optimise performance and minimise the risk of breakdowns.

Scales to measure weight


The capacity you require will depend on the quantity of fish your business deals with. Typically measured by weight, capacities will vary between models and manufacturers. With something to suit every sized business there’s ample choice to meet all requirements. By using the filter at the side of the product page you can easily narrow down your selection based on estimated storage quantities.

Number of drawers

This can be used as an alternative to selection by capacity. Always look for removable drawers. These allow for easier and more thorough cleaning, improving hygiene levels and food safety standards.


With single or double door options available you can find a unit to suit the requirements of your kitchen. The number of doors will directly relate to the overall size and capacity of the model. Self-closing doors are always beneficial in commercial kitchens. When you’ve got your hands full inserting or removing produce, this feature minimises escape of cold air. Not only does this help maintain even storage temperatures but improves overall efficiency.

Mechanical configuration

Undermounted or top mounted? Undermounted units draw air from the coolest parts of the kitchen; down near the floor. These units are also ideal for premises that have low ceiling height. Alternatively top mounted units have mechanical components above the storage cavity. Sealed units enclose the condenser, compressor and evaporator preventing grease, dust and grime from impairing performance.

Cold temperature rangeTemperature range

All fish cabinets are designed to hold optimum storage temperatures however climates will vary slightly between brands. Measuring from approximately -2˚C to +2˚C, each unit is designed specifically to store delicate fish in the freshest condition without drying out.

Legs or castors?

Both options have advantages. Whilst castors ensure easy manoeuvrability for thorough cleaning, adjustable legs allow the overall height of the unit to be set according to existing equipment for a fully uniformed appearance. This choice will be determined by personal preference and which system works best for your kitchen.


Each drawer should be layered with flaked ice before being loading with fresh fish. Look for drains in each tray which allows excess water to escape instead of becoming stagnant. All fresh fish refrigeration should be positioned near a drain for efficient removal of water waste.

Specialised coatings

All fish fridges are treated with inbuilt protection to guard against the adverse effects of the ammonia excreted naturally by fresh fish. It is this feature that truly sets fish keepers apart from other forms of refrigeration. Designed and manufactured specifically for the storage of fish, don’t be tempted to settle for a standard refrigeration unit if you demand premium results.


Equipment is available with differing terms of cover. It is preferable to look for a full warranty to absorb any potential extra costs in unforeseen circumstances although this should not be the sole deciding factor. Models with a parts only warranty will typically offer inclusive labour cover for a nominal additional fee.



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