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Ice Cream Displays: Keeping it Cool

Ice Cream Displays

A Quick Guide to Ice Cream Display Freezers

During the summer months, ice cream is one of the most popular food types available, with people enjoying it all over the world.

In order for this cold food to be served in an appropriate manner, however, it is essential that it is stored and displayed at a suitable temperature range. The most common way to do this is with a freezer; in particular, Ice Cream Displays.

With more different ice cream display freezers available than you can probably think of flavours, acquiring the right one for your business can be a confusing task at best, so here are a few pointers as to what options you’ll be given:


Electric defrost options: This is where if a build-up of ice happens within the unit, the freezer automatically melts it without affecting the overall temperature of goods.

Napoli pan displays: Napoli pans are the standard used in ice cream storage – similar to gastronorms you’d find in a kitchen, they’re specifically designed for ice cream and made to universally standard dimensions.

Refrigerated under storage: This is essentially what it says on the tin, where space beneath the display is utilised for storing away any other relevant products (perhaps replacement pans of ice cream)

Curved or Flat Glass: This is more of a design feature, depending on your preference for style.

Fan Assisted Cooling: This is when the cold air used to refrigerate the freezer is actively pumped throughout the unit, bringing down temperatures at a faster rate and in a more uniform fashion.


There a wealth of other features and options available, which you can explore yourself on our Ice Cream Display Freezers Page or if you’d prefer/you’re unsure, you can give us a call on 01455 234776 or ask about it in our Live Chat.

There exists a massive selection of models from a wide variety of suppliers and manufacturers, so knowing your requirements, as ever, is essential in the purchasing process.



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