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Fifteen of the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavours

A bowl of green coloured ice cream in a brown bowl sitting on a wooden table.

Summer may be on the way out and the desire for ice cream is beginning to wan but it’s not over just yet. With a few more sunny days hopefully still in the pipeline, enjoy your favourite flavours while you still can. Whether it’s strawberry, chocolate, mint or simply vanilla there are many conventional flavours which form the basic range of choice for many. New flavours have been introduced to broaden the choice such as caramel, bubble gum and banoffee, varieties which, in the UK is probably nearing our limits of adventurousness but if you venture to other parts of the world the flavours become more and more extreme. Japan has perhaps the largest and weirdest array of ice creams; would you dare to try?

1. Jellyfish; many jellyfish ice creams contain the enzyme luciferin, the element which both fireflies and jellyfish have which allows them to fluoresce. Yes, that’s right; ice cream that glows in the dark!

2. Octopus; the Japanese love to use octopus in many dishes so adding to ice cream is just a natural progression. Hope you don’t get tongue tied by a tentacle!

3. Squid ink; the natural hue of the ink makes a strikingly coloured ice cream ranging from a dark grey to jet black; let’s hope it doesn’t stain!

4. Eel; a classic summer time delicacy in Japan, eel is said to make a surprisingly tasty ice cream; just don’t dwell on the main ingredient for too long!

5. Bacon and egg; fancy an all day breakfast but with a refreshing twist? Why not eat your favourite bacon and egg in ice cream form.

6. Viagra; ok it’s not literally made of Viagra but does combine the well known aphrodisiac ingredients guarana, gingko biloba and arginine. Could this fruity number boost your performance in the bedroom?

7. Beer; if you love a pint, you’ll love this ice cream infused with beer flavours. You want your beer cold? You can’t get much colder than ice cream.

8. Curry; cold curry might be perfect for the morning after the night before but can frozen curry be just as satisfying? Apparently so spicy that your taste buds will tingle for hours afterwards.

9. Charcoal; said to actually have a hint of carbon to the taste maybe this might hold some secret health secrets to benefit the body.

10. Horse meat; the seemingly innocent vanilla ice cream has a hidden secret; it is actually mixed with raw horse flesh. If you have a strong enough stomach to give it a try just don’t think too hard about what you are actually eating!

11. Jalapeno; infused with the hottest chilli’s around, this ice cream can break you out in a sweat even though it is ice cold.

12. Ox tongue; made with sour milk and actual chunks of ox tongue!

13. Sweet potato; thought potatoes were just for eating as a main, think again. This sweet yet stodgy flavour takes a stereotypical main ingredient, flips it on his head and results in one of Japan’s favourite dessert flavours.

14. Cactus; this succulent plant gives a refreshing ice cream perfect for warm days; just be careful of the needles!

15. Bird; typically cockatiel, java sparrow and parakeet flavours are available. Would you want to eat your pet bird?

What other crazy ice cream flavours have you found around the world? Let us know about them and whether you had the stomach to try them.



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