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  • The Complete Display Refrigeration Buying Guide

    Keeping produce chilled to the ideal temperature whilst still advertising attractively can be a tall order; this is where quality commercial display refrigeration enters to solve all of your problems. Understanding all elements of these glass door chilled displays ensures that you make the right decision the first time and finalise a wise purchase for your business. If you want a piece of display refrigeration for your business it's vital that you opt for commercial equipment. Designed specifically for use in tough environments, all commercial equipment is fully tried and tested to guarantee performance and efficiency under even the harshest conditions.
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  • Foster Refrigeration Buying Guide

    All Foster refrigeration equipment benefits from British build quality with the reassurance that over 80% of parts are sourced from within the UK. The main manufacturing depot situated centrally in Kings Lynn acts as the hub for numerous holding depots around the country. Foster aims to manufacture all standard orders within 48 hours and deliver within the shortest possible time frame. This buying guide details just some of the main features and specifications to look for when purchasing from Foster.
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  • Cold Room Buying Guide

    If you are unsure as to whether your business would benefit from a cold room take a look at our buying guide and pick up some useful tips not only on selection and operation but also on basic maintenance to ensure longevity and ultimate performance. 
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  • The Ultimate Buying Guide to Commercial Chest Freezers

    Offering large capacity food storage at sub-zero temperatures, commercial chest freezers are a vital addition to any catering operation although may also prove useful in convenience stores and supermarkets settings. With a range of sizes, designs and benefits to choose from, there’s a piece of equipment to meet every requirement. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge from our experienced refrigeration experts, we have compiled an ultimate buying guide to clarify the essential areas to consider and help you make the right decision.
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  • Top Tips for Choosing New Catering Refrigeration Equipment

    Working in catering is a challenging job, which can be made even tougher when you’re stuck using the wrong equipment. Whether it’s out-dated, only partly functioning or just not your first choice, many chefs have an image of what their ideal kitchen would look like and it’s probably not the...
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  • Solving the Big Chill with Commercial Cold Rooms

    As every foodservice business is aware, commercial refrigeration is essential. Sometimes typical commercial fridges and freezers, while larger than domestic counterparts, just aren’t large enough. How can chefs keep regular deliveries and consequential increasing quantities of stock at optimum temperatures? Rather than fill the premises with countless refrigeration units, the simple answer is to invest in a walk-in cold room.
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