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  • The Ultimate Refrigerated Prep Counter Buying Guide

    Commercial preparation counters are an integral part of any commercial kitchen or catering operation. Forming the hub of operations, this is where ingredients are prepped and, in some cases packed or plated up. Choosing suitable equipment is vital to ensure smooth kitchen operations that can make your chefs job easier while ensuring your customers enjoy quality food and timely service. This handy guide aims to highlight all important areas for consideration before investing in a food prep counter to help you make the right buying choices.
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  • The Definitive Ice Cream Refrigeration Buying Guide

    Ice cream sales can be big business and so it’s vital that, if you want to crack the market, you understand exactly what commercial ice cream refrigeration consists of and how to go about choosing equipment best suited to your requirements. This definitive ice cream refrigeration buying guide gives the full scoop, detailing everything you need to know before making a purchase.
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  • Wine Cooler Buying Guide

    Wine is a precious commodity for any business. Customers will always be quick to let you know whether it’s too warm or just tastes ‘funny’. To guarantee that you never receive complaints it is essential to invest in a quality wine cooler that protects wine and achieves optimum storage conditions. Before choosing your perfect wine chiller it is vital to understand how wine should be stored and the basic principles of wine refrigeration as opposed to alternative standard forms of refrigeration. This buying guide aims to highlight important aspects that should be considered before making a purchase and provide information on why a commercial wine bottle cooler is the only way to store your prized wine collections.
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  • True Refrigeration Buying Guide

    The True name has proven to provide quality commercial refrigeration for over 65 years. This global company is based in Missouri, USA and equips professional kitchens around the world. As one of the biggest refrigeration suppliers in America it is undeniable that the increased energy efficiency, sleek designs and advanced technology improves operations in any catering establishment.
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  • The Comprehensive Storage Refrigeration Buying Guide

    Storage refrigeration could easily be seen as the workhorse of the commercial kitchen. Recognised by the solid door design, this general term to used to categorise both fridge and freezer cabinets. The primary function of this equipment is to hold and preserve foods and ingredients until they're required in the kitchen. Expected to hold precision temperatures with unwavering accuracy, these cold cabinets and freezer cabinets, unlike catering and cooking equipment, is always working. Very rarely turned off and given a break, it's vital to choose equipment that is up to the job.
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  • Serve Over Buying Guide

    Serve over counters are the ideal way to display produce at the main point of contact between staff and customer. From chilled goods such as sandwich fillings, salads, cold drinks, cheeses and cooked meats to items that need to hold temperature including pastries, cakes and other baked goods – these units are integral to creating a smooth and professional operation. Investing in the perfect display counter will ensure that all stock is delivered to your customers in premium condition. Getting your selection right the first time will rely on a number of individual factors personal to every business.
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