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  • The Definitive Ice Cream Refrigeration Buying Guide

    Ice cream sales can be big business and so it’s vital that, if you want to crack the market, you understand exactly what commercial ice cream refrigeration consists of and how to go about choosing equipment best suited to your requirements. This definitive ice cream refrigeration buying guide gives the full scoop, detailing everything you need to know before making a purchase.
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  • Wine Cooler Buying Guide

    Wine is a precious commodity for any business. Customers will always be quick to let you know whether it’s too warm or just tastes ‘funny’. To guarantee that you never receive complaints it is essential to invest in a quality wine cooler that protects wine and achieves optimum storage conditions. Before choosing your perfect wine chiller it is vital to understand how wine should be stored and the basic principles of wine refrigeration as opposed to alternative standard forms of refrigeration. This buying guide aims to highlight important aspects that should be considered before making a purchase and provide information on why a commercial wine bottle cooler is the only way to store your prized wine collections.
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  • True Refrigeration Buying Guide

    The True name has proven to provide quality commercial refrigeration for over 65 years. This global company is based in Missouri, USA and equips professional kitchens around the world. As one of the biggest refrigeration suppliers in America it is undeniable that the increased energy efficiency, sleek designs and advanced technology improves operations in any catering establishment.
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  • Storage Refrigeration Buying Guide

    When starting a new business that involves food and fresh produce you will undoubtedly need to purchase some commercial refrigeration. This area can seem quite overwhelming with so many different models, sizes, specifications and temperature ranges etc. Making sure that you make the right decision the first time may be a daunting task but a little time and research now will save you money in the future. Upright storage refrigeration is able to keep any perishable items out of the food danger zone and will also maintain the integrity of dishes that have already been prepared but still require storage. Designed to store items as oppose to display, catering fridges and freezers effectively contain chilled air and increase efficiency. The wide selection of sizes, styles and configurations means that the perfect piece of equipment for your business is available on the market.
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  • Serve Over Buying Guide

    Serve over counters are the ideal way to display produce at the main point of contact between staff and customer. From chilled goods such as sandwich fillings, salads, cold drinks, cheeses and cooked meats to items that need to hold temperature including pastries, cakes and other baked goods – these units are integral to creating a smooth and professional operation. Investing in the perfect display counter will ensure that all stock is delivered to your customers in premium condition. Getting your selection right the first time will rely on a number of individual factors personal to every business.
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  • Patisserie Display Buying Guide

    Everyone likes to indulge in a pastry or cake occasionally and this desire means big business for cafes, bakeries and shops that offer fresh treats daily. To guarantee that you are able to maximise your profits and keep customers coming back for more it is vital to invest in a quality patisserie display that is able to perform to the highest standards. Understanding how to go about deciding on the best refrigerated cake display cabinet for your business and which features are relevant to performance can be confusing if you are new to the patisserie game. This is why we have put together a helpful buying guide to point you in the right direction.
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