Life Before Refrigeration

Life Before Refrigeration

In this day and age, where refrigeration is sleek in design, increasingly effective and highly efficient it is unthinkable of living our daily lives without these pieces of equipment. When we experience a break down of these items human nature dictates that we automatically enter a break down of our own. Where will the milk be kept cold? Where will we store our dairy products? How can we keep our leftover foods fresh? What about the food in the freezer which is deteriorating into a soggy mass? Lack of refrigeration in the domestic setting can cause minor inconvenience however in a commercial environment this small irritation can quickly turn to major chaos. The sheer amount of stock which a commercial food business needs and that requires correct storage temperatures means that should a failure occur the business will not have the ingredients to serve the customers and will also lose large amounts of money as a result of the inventory that needs to be disposed of. As refrigeration has become a big part of our existence, even though it is taken for granted and the importance of this equipment is rarely thought of, it is hard to imagine life before this useful bit of kit. But how did people cope before refrigeration became widely available?

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