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Jargon Buster

The following is a list of words, terms or abbreviations and their meanings in relation to our products.

Fan assisted cooling

Fan assisted cooling is used to identify a product which uses fans to assist in cooling the interior down to the required temperature.


A thermostat is a device used in cooling or heating products, it allows the end user to regulate the temperature by turning the relevant devices on or off.

Remote (i.e remote multideck)

When a unit is described as being remote, it means that the condenser of the unit is not built within the product, and is actually situated in a different location, usually connected by pipes.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Most of our products say "xx years/months manufacturer’s warranty" in the description. This means that if you buy the product you will have it under warranty with the manufacturer for xx length of time. On many of our commercial products the standard warranty is only parts. There is an option to add the labour warranty at an extra cost in such cases. If you are unsure about the warranty on a unit feel free to give us a call.

Gastronorm (GN)

A gastronorm, sometimes abbreviated as GN, is a small, usually metallic container that is popularly used in the catering industry.


A surcharge is an extra amount of money that must be paid on top of the cost. For example, some deliveries will incur a delivery surcharge because they are in a certain area or an overnight delivery has been specified.

Auto defrost

The term auto defrost is used to describe a unit which will automatically remove the frost from within itself. It is an alternative to manual defrost.


FFD is an abbreviation for flame failure device. This is a device used on things that use burners, such as hobs. It works by opening a valve and if a flame is not detected the valve will close.


Cu.ft is an abbreviation for the measurement cubic feet. Where possible we supply capacities in both cubic feet and litres.


BSP is an abbreviation for British Standard Pipe. For example; a 3/4 BSP gas hose would be a British Standard Pipe of size 3/4.


If a unit is said to be ambient, it means it is at the temperature of its surrounding area. It does not have heating or cooling devices.

Temperature range

The temperature range is a units minimum and maximum operating temperatures. It will not exceed these temperatures in its normal operation.


LPG is an abbreviation for Liquified Petroleum Gas. If a product uses LPG as an energy source, it is a gas appliance.


Slimline is a term used for units that are smaller in some way to the standard type of unit. This is usually in depth.

Hard water

Hard water is used to describe water with a high mineral content, this can damage some machines and it is recommended to use water softener in these cases. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if the damage is caused by hard water.