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Foster Buying Guide

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Foster is renowned for producing premium refrigeration products and are widely considered to be the undisputed market leaders. They manufacture units for every possible use guaranteeing that the perfect piece of equipment is always available.

Whilst Foster products were always situated firmly at the top end of the market with their EcoPro G2 range, they have now developed a selection of products which make the quality and excellence which Foster are famed for accessible to all businesses with the Xtra range.

All Foster equipment benefits from British build quality with the reassurance that over 80% of parts are sourced from within the UK. The main manufacturing depot situated centrally in Kings Lynn acts as the hub for numerous holding depots around the country. Foster aims to manufacture all standard orders within 48 hours and deliver within the shortest possible time frame.

This buying guide details just some of the main features and specifications to look for when purchasing from Foster.

Foster Firsts

There are many ‘firsts’ within Fosters long and rich history including;

  • The manufacture of the first commercial refrigeration in the UK
  • The first manufacturer to promote aluminium and stainless steel products
  • The first fully CFC free manufacturer of commercial refrigeration
  • The first manufacturer to appear on the ECA scheme
  • The first and only commercial refrigeration company to attain the Carbon Trust Standard

The Foster Standards

There are many features provided as standard when investing in a Foster product that aren’t available with other manufacturers.

  • Free site surveys carried out with larger equipment to guarantee that it is the perfect piece for your business needs and that smooth delivery is achieved.
  • 12 month 0% interest free credit option is available to allow any business regardless of budget to access the quality of Foster.
  • Full environmental awareness in both the manufacture process and the subsequent running of the equipment.
  • 24 months full parts and labour warranty is supplied as standard on all equipment.
  • All products have the guarantee and assurance of a Royal Warrant.
  • Foster have unrivalled product longevity, many units lasting longer than multiple entry level pieces from other brands.
  • Equipment effectively pulls down temperatures and holds them there unlike other refrigeration which typically acts only as refrigerated storage.
  • The G2 range has the lowest running costs on the market. 

The Foster team are constantly evolving and improving technologies and features to provide ultimate service to the industry. All products are able to maintain constant temperatures even in the hot commercial kitchens.

Choosing the Perfect Foster for You

Things to consider

  • Budget; The size of budget available will ultimately determine which range you should be looking at. The G2 range is situated at the pinnacle of the market with top quality manufacturing combined with advanced features and specifications. The Xtra range makes Foster accessible to businesses with a more stringent budget. High efficiency, build quality and performance are still received however the technology is more basic.
  • Product; Foster manufacture quality products for every possible commercial use. Whether you are looking for blast chillers, display merchandisers, fish cabinets or counters the perfect product can be found.
  • Space available; Both ranges feature full size options to suit all businesses big or small. Look for slimline equipment when space is limited and larger units for bigger premises where space isn’t an issue. The free site survey when large pieces of equipment are purchased will ensure that delivery runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Capacity; All Foster equipment has maximised capacity however before purchase always calculate the amount of storage required in relation to your intended investment. Buying a unit too small to meet your needs will leave your business wanting while spending more than necessary on huge capacities will increase running costs chilling empty space and result in wasted money.

Features to look for

  • The G2 range features ‘fuzzy logic’ allowing the refrigeration to know when to defrost depending on use. This saves money on running costs as the defrost cycle can use a lot of energy.
  • Ample storage is a kitchen’s best friend. Kitchens can never have too much storage not only for stock but also cooking equipment and utensils. All Foster products maximise storage capacity to enhance kitchen operations.  The Flexdrawer is a relatively new product which can alternate between a fridge and a freezer at the flip of a switch.
  • If you’re in the market for a blast chiller Foster incorporate mobile phone technology on certain cabinets. Designed to not only blast chill food but also hold at the required temperature until removed improving time management in busy kitchens. The size of the blast chiller you purchase will depend on the level of usage. The Foster FXBC10 is ideal for smaller operations while the roll in range is perfect for higher demand. Modular rooms are also available for businesses that deal with food production on an industrial scale.
  • Insulation and efficiency will have a direct impact on running costs. The G2 range uses insulation foam which is environmentally friendly delivering not only ultimate efficiency but also an awareness for the welfare of the planet. Quality insulation results in some of the lowest running costs on the market in both the G2 and the Xtra ranges.
  • Both the G2 and the Xtra ranges are manufactured with professional designs that complement and enhance any kitchen setting. The majority of equipment is built using high grade stainless steel finishes providing ultimate food safety, hygiene and easier cleaning. The quality materials are able to retain appearance even after heavy use.
  • Consider what you will be storing. Foster provides multiple options for all possible uses. Once you have established the type of equipment you require it is vital to pay attention to temperature ranges. Standard refrigeration temperatures typically measure 1˚C – 4˚C, freezer units approximately -18˚C - -21˚C and meat around -2˚C - +2˚C. Fish equipment will feature a special coating to protect the unit from the ammonia produced by the fish. The units in the G2 range all feature an interior coating which prevents reactions from the acidic juices in tomatoes and lemon juice etc.
  • The position of the vents also requires careful consideration. While the typical situation sees vents located at the top of the unit there is undermounted equipment available where the vents appear at the base. If your kitchen has good ceiling clearance and ample ventilation the high situation will be fine however premises with lower ceilings will benefit from an undermounted position so that as hot air rises the vents remain in the cooler air lower down.
  • Would your kitchen benefit from a pass through cabinet? These units are great for temporary holding of food in large kitchens where trays can be inserted in one side and retrieved from the other.
  • Are there any special features which would be of use? If you need to display stock it will benefit to have glass doors. Should you be purchasing a multideck for example, look for a night blind or shutter to increase efficiency when the equipment is not in use. 

Ask advice

There are so many products to choose from and therefore making the right decision first time is imperative not only for your business operations but also your finances. If you know other people in the same business ask for their opinions and recommendations. Alternatively, seek advice from an impartial third party. The FFD team are trained to listen to your individual business needs and suggest the perfect piece of equipment for your requirements.