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We are closed from Wednesday 23rd December to Monday 4th December. Cut-offs for free next day deliveries are Tuesday 22nd December.

Our Environmental Responsibility

With commercial and catering equipment it is easy and free to save energy by doing small things such as using simmer settings wherever possible, servicing equipment and cleaning extractor hood filters regularly, ensuring correct ventilation for cooling equipment, keeping lids on pans and keeping cooling and heating equipment in separate areas. There are many benefits to using your equipment more efficiently including cost, improved work place conditions and lower impact on the environment.

The best way to improve your energy efficiency is to use your equipment properly, keeping it well maintained and avoiding unnecessary use, heat escape from ovens and fryers or keeping fridges, freezers and other cooling equipment well ventilated.

Energy Saving TrustIf you do need to buy new equipment, Fridge Freezer Direct provides the best energy rated serve overs, chest freezers, catering equipment and many more products, which are built to last, meaning less cost to you and no extra commercial equipment going to the landfill.

Fridge Freezer Direct take energy efficiency seriously and as such provide each product’s energy rating where possible, including; fridges and freezers, ovens, glass washers and many more products. As part of an EU programme running since 1999, no one can sell fridges, freezers or fridge freezers with an energy rating of ‘D’ or less (or chest freezers with an energy rating of ‘F’ and below). Since 2004 there have also been two new energy ratings introduced, A+ and A++. Fridge Freezer Direct has products in these new categories, meaning you can get the best energy efficient chest freezers or serve overs money can buy.

At Fridge Freezer Direct we work hard to make sure you know the energy efficiency of our products, meaning you can buy the best for you and the environment simultaneously. Where possible, all the products on our website have energy ratings and other information, but if there is something else you would like to know, give us a call and we will try our best to help.