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Fagor Commercial is a worldwide company that devotes itself to producing quality ranges to compliment any commercial kitchen. This company can supply products to enhance any section of your back of house area. Whether this be cooking equipment, prep areas, refrigeration or dishwashing, Fagor will encompass it within their equipment range.

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Fagor was established in 1960 with its main offices in Spain. Over the years the company has grown and expanded both in quality and product selection. Fagor has now become one of the leaders in the European market for their area of expertise. This company now boasts eight manufacturing plants and cover more than 90 countries across 5 continents.

Quality has always been a premium code of practice within the Fagor Commercial company. They have been awarded the Golden Q privilege, representing their attention to detail and strict adherence to all codes and regulations. You can rely on quality being a priority when ordering your catering equipment from Fagor. Fagor's environmental awareness has also received awards. The company's efforts to make all their products environmentally friendly have been recognised with the grant of their Environmental Certificate.

The core values within Fagor have always been 'Together We Evolve'. 'Together' they work as a team with customers and distributors; 'We'  don't see individuals, the company work as a unit and as a community; 'Evolve' new and innovative concepts to constantly enhance their ranges of products.

All Fagor products are supplied through Valera with a free next day delivery. The delivery team will also un-package and position the unit to the point of installation.

If your restaurant requires efficiency, reliability, quality and a wide selection of products then Fagor will easily meet your needs.