Hoshizaki IM-30CNE-HC Integral Ice Maker 

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Standard Features:

Included Full warranty
13 Amp Plug


Why Buy the Hoshizaki IM-30CNE-HC Integral Ice Maker?

When it comes to creating reliable ice makers, Hoshizaki have you sorted. Their brilliant design allows you to experience the best an ice machine can give you. With their IM-30CNE-HC integral ice maker, you will be able to meet your ice demands on a daily basis.

This machine is clearly made for commercial purposes and can produce enough ice to keep your customers happy. It comes in a stainless steel construction which will maintain durablity for longer. An electronic control system makes it easy for anyone using the unit to operate it with no problems. The commercial ice machine has features that make sure you get clean and solid ice that will last for a long time. Its automatic rinse cycle produces a clean and hygienic finish. There is a closed water circuit that prevents contamination of your water by foreign objects. An easily cleanable air filter also adds to the features that ensure you keep a hygienically appealing ice maker.

There is a magnetic water pump which prevents leakage while integrated door handles make it easier fry you to get to your ice whenever you need to. The Hoshizaki IM-30CNE-HC integral ice maker can easily produce 30kg of ice every 24 hours. It comes with an 11.5kg storage bin to hold ice until required as well as a 24-month manufacturer part and labour warranty.

Key features of the Hoshizaki IM-30CNE-HC Self Contained Ice Cuber

  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Automatic rinse cycle
  • Closed water circuit, contamination protection
  • Electronically controlled
  • Consistent quality of ice produced
  • Integrated door handles
  • Easily cleanable air filter
  • Hygienic stainless steel exterior
  • Magnetic water pump is included
  • Removable door gaskets, easy to clean
  • Stainless steel finish

Running requirements and specifications

  • Dimensions (mm) H695 x W398 x D451
  • Storage bin capacity 11.5kg
  • Output of 30kg per 24hours
  • Produces large cube-shaped ice
  • Ambient temperature range +1C to + 40C
  • Water supply temperature +5 to +35C
  • Refrigerant R290a
  • Electric 13A, 230W
  • Weight 34kg
  • Packed 39kg


  • 24 months parts and labour warranty included

Specification list

Units: metric | imperial
Placement Free Standing
Exterior Finish Stainless steel
Height (mm) 695
Width (mm) 398
Depth (mm) 451
Kg Storage 11.5
Output 30kg / 24hr
Power Single Phase
Warranty 24 months parts and labour
Cooling Type Air Cooled
KW per hour Unknown
Noise (dB) Unknown

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