Coldkit Isark Integral Freezer Room 2570mm Width

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Why Buy the Coldkit Isark Integrated Freezer Room 2570mm Width?

Generate high volume freezer storage with the Coldkit Isark Integral Freezer Room from Purever. With a standard width of 2570mm, the option of 2m or 2.4m height is available along with a full range of depths, each increasing in capacity to guarantee that the ideal room is available for every sized operation. Suitable for businesses ranging from shops and restaurants to supermarkets and hotels, the -15°C to -25°C temperature range creates optimum storage conditions for a wide variety of produce. 

These commercial walk-in freezers are manufactured with CFC-free insulated panels for enhanced strength, durability and efficiency. Rooms are quick and easy to erect, even in restricted spaces, with anti-corrosion treated PVC camlocks securely holding the structure together. The galvanised steel materials are finished with a white epoxy coating to ensure a food safe finish, essential for use in the commercial foodservice industry.

All rooms include the basic structure to the chosen dimensions, a quality refrigeration straddle motor for fully integral set-up, a black phenolic resin floor with anti-slip finish, standard bulkhead light, door lock with key, pressure release valves and door heating cables to prevent the door from freezing shut. All aspects of the Isark freezer room range, from design through to manufacture, are based on extensive research from leading professionals around the world, guaranteeing that you receive a product that always exceeds expecttions. 

*Please note: For additional labour warranty or to confirm delivery and installation lead times, please contact our sales team.

Key Features of the Coldkit Walk-In Freezer Room

  • Operates with a temperature range of -15°C to -25°C
  • Straddle motor is supplied for fully integrated operation
  • Manufactured with food safe materials for use within the food industry
  • Supplied with bulkhead light to illuminate interior
  • Lockable door with key included
  • Ergonomic exterior door handle
  • Quick and easy to assemble even in small spaces
  • White epoxy coated galvanised steel panels and ceiling
  • Securely fixed with high resistance PVC camlocks, each with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Extruded joints can be replaced should deterioration occur
  • Black non-slip phenolic resin flooring is included as standard
  • Includes pressure release valves
  • Features door heating cables to prevent the door from freezing shut
  • Optional grey anodised aluminium shelving available, in 3 tier 2 wall configurations with 370mm depth

Specifications and Running Requirements

2000mm height

Depth (mm) Internal Volume (m3) Weight of Intarblock Motor (kg) Noise Level @ 10m (dB) Power
970 3.51 60 40 230V 16A
1170 4.39
1370 5.27
1570 6.15 89 41
1770 7.03
1970 7.91 102 42 230V 20A
2170 8.78
2370 9.66
2570 10.54
2770 11.42
2970 12.30 43 230V 30A
3170 13.18
3370 14.05
3570 14.93
3770 15.81
3970 16.69
4170 17.57 131
4370 18.45
4570 19.32

2400mm height

Depth (mm) Internal Volume (m3) Weight of Intarblock Motor (kg) Noise Level @ 10m (dB) Power
970 4.28 60 40 230V 16A 
1170 5.35
1370 6.42 89 41
1570 7.49
1770 8.56 102 42 230V 20A 
1970 9.63
2170 10.70
2370 11.77
2570 12.84 43 230V 30A 
2770 13.92
2970 14.99
3170 16.06
3370 17.13 131
3570 18.20
3770 19.27
3970 20.34
4170 21.41 117 40 400V 16A
4370 22.48
4570 23.55
  • Width 2570mm
  • Height - 2000mm or 2400mm
  • Door size: 2000mm height - 1830 x 700mm (HxW); 2400mm height - 1900 x 800mm (HxW)
  • Measurement from hinge to leaf outer edge: 2000mm height - 850mm; 2400mm height - 950mm
  • Recommended for positioning in maximum ambient temperatures of 35°C
  • 230V, single phase hardwired; 400V, three phase hardwired
  • Panels 85mm thick with CFC-free polyurethane insulation with 40kg density per m3
  • Composite hinges offer zero risk of corrosion
  • Optional shelving has maximum capacity of 100-120kg per shelf

Coldkit Manufacturer's Warranty

Isark freezer rooms are supplied with a 12 month manufacturer's parts only warranty as standard.

Specification list

Units: metric | imperial
Placement Free Standing
Temperature -15C to -25C
Exterior Finish White epoxy coated galvanised steel
Height (mm) 2000 or 2400
Width (mm) 2570
Internal Height (mm) 1830 or 2230
Internal Width (mm) 2400
Lock Yes
Power Single Phase
Warranty 12 months parts only
Max Ambient 35C
KW per hour Unknown
Noise (dB) Unknown

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