J & E Hall JCC250E / J5LC25C Cellar Cooling

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Why Buy J & E Hall JCC250E/J5LC25C Cellar Cooling?

The simple yet contemporary design of the J & E Hall JCC250E / J5LC25C Cellar Cooler enables it to combine attributes like cost-effectiveness and efficiency, while concurrently offering outstanding performance and reliability, to warehouse your draught beer and maturing wine in a chilled environment.

The JCC250E indoor evaporator unit, combined with the J5LC25C exterior compressor unit, provides the capacity to cool down rooms of up to 56m3 above ground or 90m3 below ground at 12.7°C.

This cooler utilises coils that are constructed with 6 fins per inch in a process developed to operate at optimal levels, as low as 4°C, to preserve the shelf-life of your fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items.

In addition, the JCC250E and J5LC25C cooler guarantees unobtrusive operations by maintaining low levels of noise to ensure minimum disruption.

This state-of-the-art cooler is designed for versatile placement and can be mounted on the ceiling or even on a wall, without the need for additional brackets allowing you to maximise available space.

Key features of the JCC Cellar Coolers

  • Powder coated stainless steel exterior finish
  • Electronic controllers for temperature adjustments
  • Small footprint: maximises space for cooling
  • 6 fins per inch: brewery specification evaporator coils
  • Rotary compressor with overload protection enhances cooling capacity
  • Indoor unit Air-throw: 1.11 cubic meters per second.
  • External dimensions of JCC2 50E: 545mm height, 902mm width, 370mm depth
  • External dimensions of J5LC25C: 756mm height, 855mm width, 328mm depth

Running Requirements and Specifications

  • 24-hour product cooling time
  • Temperature setting: Operates down to 4℃ for many types of product cooling
  • R410A refrigerant gas
  • Nominal cooling capacity at 32℃ (Ambient temperature): 4.78 kW  


  • 36 month parts only manufacturers warranty is supplied

Manufactured from a galvanised mild steel casing with polyester powder coating this cellar cooling system uses R410A refrigerant gas. The whole configuration can be controlled electronically from the indoor evaporator unit.

Please Note: pipework not included - this would need to be provided by installing engineer.

The outdoor rotary compressor has overload protection fitted and there is a low pressure switch on the indoor evaporator. Suitable for cooling products such as wine, flowers, cheese, fruit and vegetables to the following temperatures;

Pre-charged with 1.54kg R410A refrigerant gas. Can be charged with an additional 20g per metre;- call us to find out more.

Model Numbers

  Cooling Capacities kW @ 32°C Ambient
Models Room Size Max. Above Ground (m3) Room Size Max. Below Ground (m3) 4°C 8°C 12.7°C 16°C
JCC50E / J5LC25C 60 106 3.96 4.4 5.10 5.58
Model Cooling Capacity Indoor Unit Airflow Noise Level Pipe Size Connections Max Pipe Run Power Supply FLA LRA Power to... Inter Connecting Cable Fuse Rating
kW M3/s dB(A) Liquid Gas Length Rise (v/ph/hz) (Amps) (Amps) (Amps)
JCC50E 5.10 1.11 45 1/4" 5/8" 15m 8m 240/1/50 9.03   Indoor 2 Core + E 25
J5LC25C   32 1/4" 5/8" 32
Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
JCC50E 545 902 370 36
J5LC25C 756 855 328 60

Specification list

Units: metric | imperial
Flatpack or Pre-built Pre-Built
Temperature Down to 4C
Chill Time Product cooling time: 24 Hours
Exterior Finish Powder Coated Steel
Height (mm) 540 Inside / 750 Outside
Width (mm) 900 Inside / 855 Outside
Depth (mm) 370 Inside / 328 Outside
Remote Yes
Power Single Phase
Warranty 36 months parts only
KW per hour Unknown
Noise (dB) Unknown
Power Single Phase

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