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Buying Guides

PD20H bottle cooler

Categories: Single Door | Double Door | Triple Door

Bottle coolers are a necessity for all but the smallest establishment selling drinks. Check out our buying guide to see how you can choose the most appropriate model for your needs.

Bottle Coolers Buying Guide


VISTA serve over

Categories: Serve Over Counters

Serve over counters allow the display of merchandise in a variety of ways with all the bells and whistles to make it integral to your desired environment.

Serve Overs Buying Guide


MARAO Multideck Display

Categories: Multideck Displays

Multideck Displays are an integral part of many large supermarkets and even smaller corner shops usually have one or two displaying their wares. Use our guide to help you choose your model.

Multidecks Buying Guide


Foster Proline Cold Room

Remote and integral freezer and cold rooms are available in many sizes and provide efficient storage space for many establishments in the catering and hospitality industry. Read more in our buying guide.

Cold Room Buying Guide


Foster Multideck Display

Categories: Foster

Foster are a popular manufacturer in the commercial refrigeration sector and offer a wide range of products and features to boost your business.

Foster Buying Guide


Solid Door Refrigeration

Solid door refrigeration is by far the most common form within catering kitchens. Whether looking for general purpose/dairy fridges there are a massive variety of capacities and sizes.

Solid Door Refrigeration Buying Guide


True GDM35 Display Fridge

Categories: True

True have one of the longest histories in the commercial refrigeration sector and are one of the biggest manufacturers in the USA. You can now get their products in the UK.

True Buying Guide


Glass Door Refrigeration

Glass door refrigeration is used in shops of all types and sizes but also in commercial kitchens where the glass doors can speed up locating and retrieving stock within.

Glass Door Refrigeration Buying Guide


Stainless Steel Chest Freezer

The most popular units for frozen storage, chest freezers come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities and can feature other useful functions to help in the kitchen too.

Chest Freezer Buying Guide


Wine Cooler

Wine requires specialist storage in order for it to hold its optimal flavour and there are many factors which can affect this. Wine coolers are built to provide the best possible storage experience for that expensive beverage.

Wine Cooler Buying Guide


Patisserie Display

Categories: Patisserie Displays

When displaying baked cakes and sweets there are different holding conditions than other chilled merchandise and it is important that you get it right. Read this guide to learn more.

Patisserie Display Buying Guide