Baking Icon Mary Berry

Baking Icon Mary Berry

For the younger generations the name Mary Berry only became recognised along with the success of The Great British Bake Off, since which she has become a national treasure who everyone adores. Oddly enough, at the age of, 79 she is not only seen as a cooking goddess but also hailed as a fashion icon for older ladies with her bright floral jackets and elegant dresses. With a new book out now which demonstrates step by step recipes using simple everyday ingredients ending with maximum tasty results, she is realistic in her views to day to day cooking and the time and skills available for the majority of the population. Most people don’t have the time to cook to the standard shown on The Great British Bake Off and even fewer will have the skill set to be able to do this so Mary Berry introduces a few shortcuts to achieving the perfect dish and emphasises that it’s acceptable to cut a few a corners here and there. Surprisingly, Mary Berry has been around for far longer than the cookery show that everyone is addicted to and which first appeared on our screens in 2010.

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